18 March 2012

randomness on a rainy sunday morning

Julienne's Arms tree - "borrowed" from Draugdagnir, Uldaman

found her some shoes and shoulders. :)

So... tried the raid thing. Hornz croaked after trash... group changed shape literally 100 times... I was so burned 4 hours after I started that I gave up and went to bed.

I placed a "personal ad" on the forums... I think I'll start searching for top raid guilds in the US and start sending resume emails to them on their private email sites. I should have guessed the forums are no more intelligent than the fucking /trade trolls (and one of them is a troll, please note. omg) that make PUGing a raid so damned hard.

frustrated and actually feeling pretty good inside me... I think maybe I'm just going to keep beating my head against the wall that is wow's miopic and self-obsessed client base.

I need to talk to Puris... I have to level Julienne and I need her not "tied" to anyone else. She can have any other character I might create, but not this one and not for a million reasons, not the least of which is that I love Northrend and I love the content and I want it for myself without the Pally who will not be named so that I've marked every level in the game for me by me and with me only.

It needs to happen. She'll understand or she wont. I will continue to adore her either way.

Hey Herrim? MOVE TO JOIN US... lol. They may not be raiders but they're AWESOME peeps... almost as good as Decadence, Inc. was back in the day!

I have to find work anyway... it keeps me in shape to champion seemingly unwinnable fights for myself. :)

otherwise I'm just sorta introspective and mellow... I love the rain.

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  1. You say they aren't raiders, as if I am or something... Hehehehe! I can stand to hang with some cool type people, then again, I can stand to hang with anyone right now... I'm pretty much a ghost in both games (WoW and SWTOR). Up till yesterday I wasn't associated with any guild in SWTOR... Don't get me wrong, I enjoy running on my own at times, but it was getting rather sad that I'm playing an MMORPG as if it were a solo play xbox game. *shakes head, facepalm*