03 March 2012

ok so having a moment here...

First... a good raid leader knows the fights and researches them. Makes sure they know what to expect before going in with a mixed group of individuals who all have different experience levels, skill levels and temperaments. More than one source should be utilized as this is important in making sure that you're prepared for any group composition.

Scheduling one's companions can be a challenge in today's busy world of family and friends and work commitments. Utilizing the in-game calendar is an excellent method of making sure that everyone is able to show up. Requiring that members use the calendar is difficult and often fails. Resorting to paper schedules is tedious and time consuming and often inaccurate.

Know your world map and the locations where you can find the very many supplies that you will be expected to supply. As the raid leader you will be expected to be sure that you have all the necessary supplies, and relying on any one team member to supply one part of these supplies leaves the leadership and potentially the raid in a position where vital needs are unmet due to unforeseen events.

In a standard Cataclysm Raid the following "supplies" and their components are vital:

Let us recap before we continue:

The Big Cauldron of Battle requires Friendly with your guild and MAXED Alchemy in order to be able to create it. This binds on a Battle.net account, and so one character on your account can make and mail them to another of your own characters. It cannot be made for you by anyone else. If a raid member does not have the ability to create them then it becomes the responsibility of the Raid Leader to acquire them.

Materials for 4 cauldrons (this is enough for 2 raid nights) per week:

Azshara's Veil = 8 each x 3 flasks of type x 2 types x 4 cauldrons = 192 per week
Cinderbloom = 8 each x 3 flasks of type x 2 types x 4 cauldrons = 192 per week
Twilight Jasmine = 8 each x 3 flasks of type x 2 types x 4 cauldrons = 192 per week
Volatile Life = 8 each x 3 flasks of type x 4 types x 4 cauldrons = 384 per week
Whiptail = 8 each x 3 flasks of type x 2 types x 4 cauldrons = 192 per week

You wont just know the map, folks... you're gonna be able to fly and farm it sleeping. You'll have to. Really.

And we're not quite done...

so that's an additional few hours fishing... because you need at least 20 feasts per week (this does not persist through death, and some bosses are multiple wipes... legitimately you'd want 40 to be covered, and still... food is only SOME of the buffs and most people carry food for their characters.)

That's 40 of each of 3 types of fish per week.


I don't know how badly I really wanna raid, to tell the truth.

All things considered.

1. They wanna do it so much that they never check the calendar and rely on invites on the night of the event.

2. They wanna do it so much that they can't be asked to check the raid guides.

3. They wanna do it so much that they will tell you to your face that they need to be flexible because at any time something else might come up and they won't be there.

Honestly... as much as I really really wanna do it and as much as I know that I can do it... I have neither the interest in nor the patience for all this shit so that I can hand-hold and mollycoddle adults through the content again.

I might hate hard-core raid guilds... and I really love the peeps I am playing with now... and honest to the Gods, it takes them 2.5 fucking hours just to organize making 8 pieces of godsdamned lowbie gear and figure out which instance they want to run with dinner, and kids and checking the wiki and... and... and...

I feel like I've been beating my head against the wall and I can't figure out exactly what the trouble is. Am I borrowing the frustration of trying to explain AGAIN that raiding is not casual? Am I feeling the bruises left over from the last time I tried to do this? I have our GM doing his best to refer people to me who want to do raiding on the weekend and no one is stepping up to say "lets meet and discuss this" or "hey, how can I lend a hand" or ANYTHING that looks like taking responsiblity for what they'd like to do...

so what I hear is Cartman's voice saying: Grind the fucking mats, cook me a seafood pot pie and tell me what to do very specifically step by step in the nicest and politest possible of ways, bitch.

and to that I gots only one thing to say...

Then you'd better show up on time with fucking bells on because I'mma only say it once and then it's gonna hurt a real lot and that's gonna be ALL YOU... then we'll find out who's the bitch, babe.

oh, and I think you have some seafood on your robes.

lmao... UGH

Yeah... thinking this is a no. not that I can't... is entirely that I wont. And I'm not sorry.

I know, I know... tell us how you really feel about it, Ruth.

peace... and if not peaceful then at least don't be the head cat herder of the second string of cats...

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