15 March 2012

moar pretty paper dolls...

Allumette, formerly known as Julienne, iLevel 385 Fury warrior...

thrown vs.

what she wears to work. lol

The new girl called Julienne... Level 69 Arms Warrior...

thrown vs...

what she wears to work... lol.

WOOT! Pics to show off more than anything. Still building the sets, though... damn WoW and no dyes and no easy to find sets... you have to collect each piece for color and drop... is why Allu is stuck in red... lol

anyway... :)

yay transmog. ish.


  1. I have yet to tinker around with that on WoW... Then again, besides getting the Gold Dragon Mount, I haven't done anything in WoW for a few months. I need to fix that.

  2. www.icy-veins.com upper right "transmog" click the word for new page or just mouse over the drop down... hunter... show full sets or show item models (which I prefer) then you can shop for a particular look.

    because I have a fairly expansive guild of crafters and also run atlas loots I can usually "try on" most pieces in the game by finding them and ctrl+right clicking them.

    remember... guild... show offline members... professions... shop like Harris Pilton!