26 March 2012

Kalu'ak Preservation and Protection Agency Reporting for Duty...

Anuniaq needs my help at Kamagua in Howling Fjord!

Reef seals are no longer mating. SOMEONE (me) killed the Alpha Reef Bull and now all of the seals are afraid to cross the narrows.

Catch Tasty Reef Fish and use them to lure the Reef Bulls across the narrows to the Reef Cows so that they can find true love and make food for the Kalu'ak.

Trapper Mau'i at Moa'ki Harbor in Dragonblight needs my help!

Capture baby wolvar from their very protective mothers and bring them to the trapper so that they can be raised properly and hopefully end the ongoing war between the two tribes.

Utaik at Kaskala in Borean Tundra needs my help!

Kvaldir raiders are stealing the supplies and must be stopped! Kill the raiders and bring back the supplies so that the Kalu'ak can eat.

For the pole this is highly rewarding and easy work to do every chance I get (daily.)

It's a busy day in the life of a warrior determined to save the Kalu'ak! 11052/12000 Honored, on the way to Exalted, hopefully before level 80 when Northrend will become her past and a world destroyed by cataclysmic events brought on by a dragon and the unrest of the natural order will rend the world and change its face and guardianship forever.

Cata belongs to us all... Wrath of the Lich King belonged to Allumette.

And soon the Mists of Pandaria must be explored by a protection warrior (and a fury warrior, and an arms warrior and some death knights) and her friends as they take ownership of the Pandarian's future by wresting power from Garrosh and attempting to settle the pandemic of war and devastation that the inhabitants of Azeroth are raining down on her peoples and lands.

World wide warfare, PvP outside of special zones. Pandarians being sent to war outside of the safety of their no-longer safe and hidden homeland.

No more world dragons as guardians as the aspects have given their power to guarantee that Deathwing cannot ever return.

Where have the titans gone? Why have the old gods and new abandoned Azeroth in her greatest time of need?

Heroes of Azeroth, now is your time to shine. Rise to the challenge and save Pandaria as the mists part and these secret inhabitants of your planet seek to teach you and beg your assistance.

OH YEAH... I'm in. I may not play a panda... that decision is still waiting to be made. Saving Pandaria and saving Azeroth... I'm all in.

peace be your journey, and if not peaceful then dedicated and always with a sense of humor.

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