26 March 2012

jules... keys... rockband 3... xbox...

das Lemur... rock band 3

my newest toon is a lot anime and a little awesomesauce. sorry for grainy pics, they're forwarded from my cell phone after clicking them from the tv on the main opening sequence. we'll arrange some concert pics later.

I'm totally addicted. It wont be TERRIBLY later. lol

I'm also less talented at the keyboard than I'd like to be... and am much better in a month than I expected to be so we've made the band and tattooed the girls and we have a very das kewl sort of lead singer/lead guitar player! (even though Jules is wearing a "prefab" outfit, it has been tweaked and was chosen for the look. it is because I wanted these clothes for Jules that the other girls had to be changed dramatically, in fact... and I love them just the way they are. J customized his guy... and das Lemurs were born!)

millions of fans already... 'cause she's just THAT cute. heh. and J is that good, no shit. Expert guitar looks like a mess of notes and scary timing... maybe I'll be expert keys by Christmas?

oh, and the keyboards for bon jovi? he's a god. some billy joel is easier than that stuff!

oh... and using Freezepop for GUITAR HERO and ROCK BAND guitar? MEAN. They're playing keytars!

someday I will be this good at keys... and right now the only song I've got is newer and not as complex... if I wanna meet and beat Freezepop, I'll have to play Doppelgänger.

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