05 March 2012

holy crap beevis!

sometimes I meet someone amazing in WoW

and sometimes I get to know people that are amazing for entirely different and wholly unenjoyable reasons... and they make me wonder wtf I'm playing this game with them for. LOL

bigots piss me off

idiots piss me off

stoners who practice it as a way of life piss me off

intentional meanness and cruelty piss me off

and I invited this guy to the guild.

oh well. he's good at what he does do, even if he's an asshat.

I just don't want him to run with me. HA

1 comment:

  1. Well, he may be good at what he does in game... But for all those other reasons, my opinion would be to take a few steps back, then suddenly rush forward and "PUNT!" That's just me though... ;)