08 March 2012

FatBossTV and other funness...

sigh... L2R Learn to Raid is a good channel (see link below) and I found FatBossTV also... good video raid guides and information.

FatBossTV is run by a pair of gents named Lawrence and Alex and they provide very clear and concise guides. Here are the Firelands 10 Normal Modes guides.

I would still recommend at least glancing at the guides at icy-veins.com or another text site like TankSpot as some Americans might have difficulty understanding a couple of Sowf-enders, as both men tend to sound like true London natives.

Homework done. Off to honey's mom's for pizza dinner then back to play WoW.


this weekend should prove to be very long... rock star by early day and raid leader of new-to-me content by night... WOOT me!

I'm just that epic.

Oh, did I mention it's my turn to make yummy fruit cookies to take to rock band family time?

yeah. :) cook - rock star - raid leader

peace... and if not peaceful then at least have fun doing it.

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