06 March 2012

couple of things...

22k sustained in LFR on first 3 bosses... this is not so bad... really... lol

and WOOOT... omg. I love when secsy things happen and I get to see them.

upgraded a few pieces of gear today... hope to do more tomorrow. still hate LFR... still hate the assholes who think the world owes them something and that fast-track dungeons are the way the game should be played for little input and maximum reward... eh... they're the same little asshats who thought everyone gets birthday presents at birthday parties and believe that participation ribbons are the ONLY way to go on field day.

sadly, they're also the little snots who will NOT be taking care of me when I'm old and infirm... I suppose when it looks that great for me as a future I'll have to kill myself before they let me starve to death because I never did anything for them anyway and heating up soup is WORK and they wont even get a ribbon for it.

anyway... lots to do.

Salute: Shammyone, Shammytwo, Shamthree, Shammyfour and Shammyfive... the guy is boxing* 5 Goblin Shamans... sexy... really. Even if it's not done that well. I have no idea. Still awesome and amazing!

ANPU CAME TO UNDERGROUND CONNECTION... now maybe we can get him to stay? :)

peace be the journey, and if not peaceful then let it end with something as grand as a whole flight of blue dragons celebrating your meritorious combat and victory over your home town in recognition of a thing actually accomplished.

* boxing = running multiple copies of the game at once in order to control multiple characters at once... in this case FIVE of them

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