14 March 2012

ALMOST there... almost...

the TANK was Murlocs and he had 4.4% of the DPS overall... NOT a good thing said really, for the rest of us anyway... and still... for LFR coming in 7th overall with some fights where I held top 5 was not so bad, all things considered.

I still want my >6% share of the deeps... and I'm not quite there. I'd LIKE to show up in the 7.5-8% place if I were being honest... in a 25 man raid with 2 tanks and 5 heals.

No work search has happened this week so far. J was deathly and explosively ill from Sunday afternoon until really yesterday... and now is recuperating from being debilitatingly sick. I'm just tired and for no reason at all I feel sick all over without being sick.

This combined with the fact that the guild managed not to show up for another raid... and then also failed to sign up for the mandatory meeting and had to be coerced into it after the fact while we were having it.

AND... I found something really awesome that I have to test to the last degree.

LFR and RealID combined means that my friends on other servers (in the same faction) can come with me to instances and LFR. AND... AND AND AND... if you're partied and are willing to do the legwork yourself you can go to other raids together as well... showing up on the same host server together. Now, supposedly this works on Dragon Soul even though everyone says it shouldn't... and I'mma have to test it.

It just might solve my issues with getting into raids if I can go with friends from servers where I used to play... if they'll have me.

I've been a flake of late and I feel like it's as it should be. Honestly... I spend so much of my life being just what everyone wants and expects of me, there has to be SOMEWHERE in the world where I can just be myself and if that's flaky and sometimes not quite as reliable as other people might want then... good for me for chrissakes.

Anyway... LOL... WOOT for RealID and LFR? Time to find out. Pictures inc.* If you've been reading for awhile you know how ironic that statement really might be. LOL

*inc = incoming
abbreviated most often in raids and battle grounds when typing must be at a minimum
ex: rogue inc mill = rogue attacking the mill in Arathi Basin, a battle ground in W0W

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