09 February 2012

WoW Jules and my oh my how WoW has changed...

Julienne - 56 Fury Warrior, Underground Connection PvE
Leveling in WoW has been changed so much that it's an entirely different game from when I first started.

If you play for awhile in any game you get the "uphill both ways" crowd who tell you all sorts of things about the game and how much harder it was "way back when [insert example here] was the way things worked."

This is how I ended up with Julienne on a PvE server (player vs. environment which means any fighting between players is done by prearranged meetings in battlegrounds or by intentionally making your character able to fight for a short period of time) and Sweetassyn on the PvP server (player vs. player where you are always open for combat between players of opposing factions as well as being open for combat with the numerous game monsters and combatants from the "environment.") I spent so much time being told how much harder it had been on those PvP servers and how much easier I had it on a server without that element that I immediately felt like I was missing some great challenge and started a character on a server that would provide me with that challenge.

This is also my first lesson in the fact that difficulty is often in your own mind and responses to things, even in a game world.

Because it really wasn't any different. Sure, other players who were bored could "camp" you or keep you dead by not letting you play... and unlike the quest monsters who roam the world and can be killed or are going to stay RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE when you get back, they get bored and go away. One cigarette break and you're free to go about whatever you were doing again. Otherwise I found that horde players were more helpful to me as an alliance player in some situations than the alliance players who were supposed to be "on my side." Someday I'll make note of these many funny and really warming experiences in a blog entry on the main blog.

For now, it's important only to say that due to changes in the way that players can communicate, there is now a clear definition on any server in the game between Horde and Alliance players and there is NO cross server communication outside of being friends and using the realID in game IM.

The regions are mostly the same with huge cataclysmic changes here and there so that the quests changed. It's like vu jade, the sense that none of this has happened before and still is oddly familiar. I know what direction to run and have no idea what I'll meet when I get there. It's been fun. It's also been challenging and I enjoy that.

The Trade chat and General chats are still as mundane, miopic and idiotic as ever and so I avoid them. Sadly, I did not play when these forms of communication were still useful and so I have nothing to miss.

I do miss the sense of required exploration brought on by not having any flight points until you got there, the challenge of earning the money to afford training and a mount and then the excitement of being able to upgrade your mount with a faster one after you'd leveled high enough. The mounts are cheap, the flight points are automatic and assigned to you by level, so whether you've been there or not you can still fly there from the very many more flight point options in the game that exist today than existed when I started.

My full bank is able to be emptied into a longterm storage thanks to the folks from the void... engineers from another plane who offer us a second bank for a higher price. Julienne (who will soon become Allumette again when she moves to join Julienne in Underground Connection on the new server) can now clear her holiday costumes, clothes she's too attached to to allow to get away from her and other needful things that she doesn't use much into longterm storage where they will still be hers, though all enchants, enhancements and modifications will be stripped from them in the process and BoE (bind on equip) gear will be made soulbound to the person placing them in the bank, so no storing gear sets for alts here. I will still gain four 24 slot bags in her bank and that's HUGE... zomg! Thank you for something almost useful... and I'm being meaner than I mean to be. It's a really great thing. Not quite what was asked for and still... better than what we had. Thanks.

My old pieces of armor sold and now coveted greatly can be made into images to be placed over the top of my existing armor. So much for my exultant exuberant celebration of wardrobes in WoW... omg... fucking Blizz and complicating every godsdamned thing in the world for gold that people can steal accounts for and sell to idiots with more money than they have common sense or concern... ugh. (stopping the rant on how WoW keeps the gold sellers around for free advertising.) Anyway... in order to utilize Transmogrification (mogging for short) on your wardrobe you must supply the "template" which will be destroyed and can only be applied to that same slot and same armor type item in your new wardrobe... learning it costs you gold, applying it costs you gold... it's... well... complicated, frustrating and really stupid when Rift demonstrated without difficulty how sexy it can be to have slots you can equip for appearance and dyes that change the colors. All said, cool. Julienne the level 56 warrior is soon able to collect the purple leggings set that I loved so much for her predecessor and the other Jules is just shit out of luck and will get to pick a new look and collect the pieces over time, for gold, and then have the appearance she almost likes the most... for gold. At least it's something. This I'm not as grateful for. I'm pissed at them and I know it shows.

(hey... limited fucking bank space means things are lost... limited armor models and of them even fewer skins to change them in the first place and then much later, when it's too late to go back give us the ability to have the favorite appearance forever when we can't go get it. yeah... you can kiss me where the sun doesn't shine and even if you do it well and for a long time I'm not going to forgive this stupidity.)

anyway... lol. SO many things are different. I can fly almost anywhere, I can ride any mount I want, I can earn lots of reputation very early by wearing tabards of other cities in my faction... all in all it's really a different game inside of the same game and I'm loving it.

56 levels of loving it.

Rift next...

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