08 February 2012

unfair to compare at the moment

as Jules WoW just ding'd 52 and is "expected" to reach 55 TONIGHT come hell or high water. (isn't going to happen... I had sort of a melt down because this is why I quit playing... blah... got accused of driving the bitch bus and not just getting on it and had to think...)

see... I found this awesome guild. They're great. Like Decadence WAS before Decadence wasn't anymore at all... well, I got all inspired and as is usually the case with me inspired = fun to be around and the next thing I know I have two folks egging me on to level level level and getting me gear and enchants and stuff... twinking just ever so slightly... so now I'm tied to them and was feeling a little crabby about it.

I'm the sort of player who is only social in chat... I level terribly with others. I either have to be the boss and not get any flack or I need to be alone... heh. I do everything different from everyone else.

And I'm having the same issues with WoW that I'm still trying to overcome. /leave Trade helps... some. Ignoring general chat helps a lot too. Don't watch when guildies post crap you disagree with... avoid personal discussions... I was really having fun and let myself get sucked into a discussion about someone in the guild using bots... sigh.

What is the obsession with cheat to win in video games?

None of my Jules' have cheated. I'm moving Jules from Uldaman and she will AGAIN be Allumette and I'll chronicle her here... since she'll be raiding again. umm... She has fished every fish legally, cooked every piece of food, picked every herb etc... and leveling inscription sucked balls. She even picked the herbs for Kabechet... and some for Giddean and Bhierre before they were deleted.

Why cheat?

anyway... boring post 2... I'll find something cooler next time, promise.

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