19 February 2012

sometimes you just gots to brag

I love the overall effect of fuck yo couch that this helm represents.


See... I said, "I needs to upgrades my helm. Anyone want to queue with me for a quick farm of the instance where it drops?"

The answers were "Where does it drop?" and "Which helm?" blah blah

Well... when I told them I was whispered the low % chance of drop by not one but 2 players and was told no-thanks, there's nothing for me by some in open chat.

Ok, I need to step back.

I'm an optimist. This is viewed as meaning I'm stoopid and slow bus special by most people who play video games. I'm used to this and used to having the universe come out to save me.

For one thing I'm actually very smart and it works to my advantage for them to think I'm not, so I let them underestimate me. For another, I'm stupid lucky... like fancy limo bus ride from the Goddess in Green lucky.

So... I queue and wait 15 minutes or so for it to come up. We kill a guy, go to another shrine and kill a chica and I have more than 21k dps WITHOUT the helm upgrade, mind you... and then we're at that boss and I say to myself "Ok, this is your one shot at it... don't mess this up." And we kick him in the nuts with only 3 time resets... and I get my helm AND it's not looted out from under me by a ninja or the DK tank for "offspec" or something and less than 2 minutes after it's mine it's got the arcanum, the meta-gem and the other gem it needs.

Earlier today I had an awesome run with a group where the tank died on the last boss (the one who has my trinket, sadly... and didn't drop it) and rather than fall apart the mage covered in mobs brings them to me when I say to do it in chat and we're murdering stuff so fast I'm self healing with a healer hiding under the boss and our hunter, a secsy guy who is in my guild, cranks his buffed dps to something like 150000 dps (remember, this means he's doing 150,000 Damage Per Second with a special buff put on him.)

This, my pessimistic asshat NOT friends in gaming, is what people who want to win get for sticking with it and focusing on what they CAN do instead of what the guide says is supposed to happen and what they HAVE to do.

I dont know what the minimum dps output is for any raid I've ever done... I only know I give my max every time.

suck it... LOL


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