29 February 2012

so ummm... yeah... lol

31.5 % WOOT ("otherworldly buffs" make DPS astronomical... percentage tracking only)
Overall... not so bad. 29.1% (same "otherworldly buffs" so % tracking only)
LFR Overall after First Fight -- 25 man fight means 5.5% or more... have work to do.
Dark Globs - yay multi-target, huh?
Yor'Sahj -- still single target work to do.
Hagara -- Getting closer, unpredictable. Still have work to do.
and overall when it was all said and done.

LFR again this week. Only "first 4" bosses so far... tonight is next group.

And numbers from instances where it's ultimately SO much easier to steal the show. lol

Pretty much the same LFR that it was last week and I'm really glad I did it Tuesday night and not Thursday during the day. Some less name calling, some more organization and a little more fun was had by all, as near as I could tell. I was ignoring them and jamming out to Disturbed.

Rebuilding my resume and other things are keeping me out of WoW so this is really just an update so I can look back after MoP and cry while I laugh myself silly. heh

I'm struggling against the switch from Fury to Arms because a rumor has it that Arms is about to be nerfed like Fury keeps getting. I'll wait and see. If it comes down to it I may have to consider looking at Arms as a second specialization to replace my currently unused Prot one.

(hey, right now Draugdagnir, Jason's character can pull 31,000 DPS overall in the same instance where Allumette is pulling 23,000 even though on some fights we're within a couple thousand points of each other. That's a MASSIVE difference that can make or break a raid, depending on the DPS of others... really. Besides... hello? I want to be the star. Jeeze.)

*eye roll*

Erijan is headed tanking asap... dual wield blood. :) is yummy to watch and is a beast for threat. Only warning in my mind is that it also looks like he was taking a tremendous lot of heals. Of course... could have been the healer. She wasn't prepared for me to get a debuff that killed me at one point and then at the end of the fight told me off for "standing in stuff" I didn't stand in. Is alright, ultimately. I'm not the tank, just the bling... and sometimes (more often than not, really) I die that way.

Am prepared for Naxxramas run this week as a guild. Event is posted, reminder macro created, money and "prizes" are collected for the two contests I'm running... now need to go read the Naxx 25 guides so that I can actually provide SOME information, since it can still be a beast at level and ignoring the raid mechanics can be fun and is still dangerous.

Case in point: Patchwerk requires a second tank... without one the closest next amount of threat is going to eat a massive attack that kills them in pretty much one shot. Must have heavy heals on both... even at levels in excess of the previously required 80.

One Shot Lotto:
random bosses have been selected for One Shot Lotto... down them in one try and roll to win prize and 100g.

On the Spot:
Trivia.. be the first to answer in raid chat and receive 50g.

It's less the money than the idea in my mind that it promotes healthy raid awareness and competition and also the concept that knowing more than the required is rewarded.

I know... preach preach preach... it's still only WoW and no one seems really interested in learning or owning what they do anymore... I'm still determined to make a difference one player at a time because they ALL go outside SOMETIME and omg... have you seen the havoc being wreaked everywhere by the miopic and self-centered people that we're all becoming?

peace... work work work... maybe then I can be less dull? For sure I can appreciate my time in Azeroth... and miss my time in Tamriel.

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