24 February 2012


Allumette has done the whole Looking for Raid thing...

(above what you're seeing: first panel is Tuesday, first time in last two boss fights, so on deathwing's back and then killing him in the maelstrom... Wednesday is 4 fights, the first 4 and I happened to misunderstand what I put on my notecard about the last of those fights and so I let a wave of frost wash over me from behind and kill me so I dropped from 9th dps down to much less than I'd want while I laughed at myself for being a dumbass with another warrior who did exactly the same thing. I was with Foodis aka Rumbaloo from my guild, and he wasn't terribly upset with me for being a newb... and then last night Thursday first 2 fights in second set where I missed some mechanics and was still learning. ALL of these are essentially sight reading as I read guides that cover mechanics that will be ignored for LFR... see below. I'm not happy with my standings, I am happy with being that close to my "required dps.")

I did the Ruth thing. I went online and I researched every fight and read the written guides at icy-veins.com to make sure I wasn't a total newb... and then discovered it matters little.

see... LFR is dummied down and simplified almost to the point of specifically breeding idiots without a sense or care in the world for how real raids might work.

There is no working together. Not really. No one explains anything unless pressed or there's a wipe, which causes HUGE amounts of attrition and QQ in the raid chat, most particularly from the asshats who had no idea what to do or were ignoring what it was they were supposed to do in order to do something they believe to be more fun.

There is no sense of urgency when dealing with understanding raid mechanics. Things forgotten that will wipe you and the raid... disregarded. Steps that are urgent and required in the real raid... ignored. Any attention to mechanics seems to be in the nasty little kid with snot on his own finger pointing out that the kid across the room scratched his ass sort of a way... it's just... really ignorant and frustrating.

That said... 24 people and me are coincidentally in the same part of a phased world together and must at least keep up appearances of heading the same way and towards the same goals in a cacophony of "wtf are u doing over there?" and "get the fuck off the bloods now" (my favorite, it was an all caps raid warning. lol) and "no more dps in the back" and "we're in [insert fight here] dungeon, dumbass. wtf did u go that way 4?" and "kick Allumette for taking so much damage from the twilight" and and and... (and because in a raid there's always someone with your back, whether you like it or need it or not) "Kick Krul for having the lowest damn heals, he's complaining and he sucked compared to the others and Allumette is top 10 dps"

To my discredit, I didn't use the "button" right to save myself... I was clicking just as Deadly Boss Mods told me to... it's wrong. So I started clicking just before it told me to. It was still wrong. By the time I figured out what I needed to do the fight was almost over. THE ENTIRE TIME I WAS IN VENT ASKING A FRIEND TO TELL ME IF HE KNEW EXACTLY WHEN TO HIT IT BECAUSE WHILE I DIDN'T KNOW THE EXACT MOMENT YET, I COULD TELL I WAS FUCKING WRONG! It's not like it ACTUALLY matters anyway, see... because while in regular 10man I would be dead and the raid would just have to do without me, in LFR it's so watered down that I still have 1/4 of my health left and plenty of rage to burn against the boss in Enraged Regeneration up and earn it back! Also to my discredit (hence the not needing someone to have my back) likely a lot of that top 10 dps was because so many people were quitting, dropping and using the mechanic correctly which drops them from dps for like 10 seconds. LOL

Anyway. I learned many things, one of them is that LFR is like LFG on crack. The asshats who rule LFG and make it almost intollerable in their egocentrism, miopia and pedantic elitism are multiplied and amplified in LFR until it's a breeding ground of puss infested disease ridden nasty little children with swamp ass, nasty mouths and greedy groping masturbatory hands who only know what they need to know to crank their dps or follow the leader through the fights doing whatever it is they wanted to do anyway. If it were any harder they'd complain about it from /Trade where they live like the "trip trapping across my bridge" sorts of trolls from the grimmest of fairy tales.

I really really wanted to like the feature as a way that we could individually hang out and have fun. I wanted it to be my "favorite game's" answer to Rift having all this amazing content you can step into and out of again and control your gaming experience.

I really really do not like it. I'm stuck raiding the old way if I want to enjoy it and am grateful that I only ever have to LFR one time a week for 8 bosses.

I am now VERY clear why the best players have closed the option to themselves by the end of Tuesday evenings everywhere... come in pre-formed groups as big as they can make them and then drop immediately following whatever in the cycle might be their 8th fight... since you can't even roll on loot after you've killed that boss once this week.

WHY?! You protest? Because the dickshit greedy diseased little children of whores who populate the game would only kick you and take the best loots by way of Master Looter anyway. Yep. Blizz couldn't leave the gamers with any control because they'll drive a Mack truck through the smallest loophole anyway, and this is about virtual loots, therefore egos will be mashed and much fighting and GM mail will ensue.

Dummied down. Overly simplified. Populated by nasty little pieces of work.

One in 10 classes x 3 or 4 specs each x 8 bosses dropping 4 pieces of loot at the end of each fight where you can be kicked for almost any reason... and those are your chances at loots that are only marginally better than what you can earn alone and aren't as good as the pieces you can earn in a group of 10 facing the real fights and mechanics... and you can only roll on loot dropped once on each boss no matter what you do every week.

And I share a token with DRUIDS and HUNTERS... godsfrackingdangit anyway!


peace... and if not peaceful then kill 'em all... somehow they deserve it, you'll just have to trust me on this... come on, this is World of Warcraft.

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