22 February 2012

iLevel 360 and askmrrobot.com has some lessons

that I don't quite understand.

I have some that I did completely understand.

I hate messy pulls. I hate messy pulls. I hate messy pulls.


As a Fury warrior I'm somewhat tied to having my feet on the ground or being able to leap or charge back into combat quickly. Every second I'm not hitting something, preferably many somethings, I'm suffering DPS which means I'm not doing my job.

It's flatly amazing the number of asshats who will say, after a pull in which even they were tanking and the mobs weren't anywhere near the tank or melee DPS, "In your gear score you should be pulling much more DPS." *

Hey you... suck it. If I could stand way over there and nuke the boss without moving I would be able to drink your blood for breakfast and still eat the rest of your DPS for lunch. Don't talk to ME about iLevel and DPS and what I should be doing. Because I've done it, and I know. 26k DPS without reforging, and that on a single target BOSS... one with mechanics that require me to run back and return over and over so I'm losing just a little bit of what might be closer to 30k. YOU only managed 22k and the mage was down around 11k.

Yeah. I hate messy pulls.

I define a "messy pull" as any pull in which there are two or more tanks, or rather, by definition, two or more characters with as much threat generated on a different target than the tank.

Some of this can be avoided by letting the tank get aggro after the first messy pull. Let them build threat and DONT HIT ANYTHING FOR FUCKS SAKE!

Some of this can be avoided by marking the pull in kill order. I miss Rift having a 12345 targeting system... and still. MOST people understand SKULL first X is second and MOON or TRIANGLE are, in order, SHEEP or FROG... lots of folks use SQUARE as TRAP... sigh.

And most importantly... MOST importantly... if you have a tank in a random dungeon who is not pulling enough threat and you're not the sort who can let your penis length suffer a virtual loss, then whatever you do run towards the melee DPS most likely to save your stupid ass. I can self heal and do a tremendous lot of damage in doing so every time I kill something, so why don't you bring it to me and we'll practice working as a group before I find you in the LFR tool and have to out you as a lousy player?

The link above is to Thoryana's Run To The Tank, an old WoW related song... if you can't run to the tank at least run to someone less squishy than YOU are. ugh.


above are some dps captures and the newest view of Allumette with all her "now you can raid" gears on. I'm suffering some from a lack of haste and must keep my hit at about 18%... other than that... WOOT... I finally got the trinket I needed!

And twice I was at the % of DPS for the group that makes me feel good. See, the NUMBER is secsy... the % of damage done per fight is OMG SHE'S NOT WEARING A SHIRT hawt. lol

In a standard 5 man dungeon the tank is going to do a real lot of damage... that's how they keep things focused on them these days. Our job is to do even MORE damage because we have nothing else to do, or at least aren't being hit back... and so the perfect distribution should be something like 30/30/30/10 to the Tank as a token.

When I'm over 35% then I know I'm doing FURY a service and proving it's not a failed spec. LOL

By the same token, in a 10 man fight with 6 DPS and 2 tanks I'd expect my damage to be no LESS than 15% or I'd be depressed, and with only 1 tank I'd have to be closer to 25% to feel properly like a showoff. 13/13/13/13/13/13/10/10 OR 15/15/15/15/15/15/15/10

remember I said I never know my minimums... that's because I always shoot for more.

kill 'em all and let their Gods sort them out... and play WoW in the meantime. LOL

*Ruth's hall of shame: episode ONE COMING SOON
a quick recognition of the asshats in the world who require recognition in order to be avoided


  1. Hmmm... So I'm imagining that my 'blindfolded, half crazy, tazmainian devil-may care,' attitude, in game, might get me on that list. :P

  2. oh no... your way of playing is actually MUCH more fun, C... it's the "I'm here and you're going to tell me exactly what to do because I refuse to be forced to think for myself" mentality that has me running.

    this weekend. we shall see. Does she have what it takes anymore?