27 February 2012

don't be a drag... just be a queen

in the religion of the insecure, I must be myself and respect my youth...
give yourself prudence and love your friends...
I'm beautiful in my own way, 'cause God makes no mistakes.
I'm on the right track, baby... I was born this way.

ok, stolen and paraphrased

and still... a life lesson important in more than gaming for me.

Raid leading is the process of bringing 25 people together with the same goals. There is training involved. Assessment of skills and roles and necessary equipment and supplies to be determined and then gathered. There is direct leadership. Direct training. Direct management in every step of the process. Anyone who says otherwise is being an asshat or simply has no idea what they're talking about.

Either way, if you disagree then you're wrong.

So now take a step back.

I'm a raid leader. I may not be the flavor or color of raid leader that a social guild prefers... in fact, I might just never be able to pretend to be. I've already been a raid leader in not one but TWO hardcore raid guilds. I already know I gots the stuffs, so to speak. Being corrected by folks looking for a gentler hand than mine is like telling Anne Rice that she needs a little more dark sex in her books... it's... well... wrong.

I'm a people person. I'm positive and generally amiable in every way.

If there was EVER a raid leader likely to override a roll and assign gear to the least geared member of the raid because they need the upgrade, it's me. If there was ever a leader likely to do something totally dorky and kindergarten to get the group to remember they were supposed to have fun, well... try One Shot Lotto and On The Spot Pop Quizzes as goofiness beyond anything a hardcore raid guild can really stand.

I'm really very good at instinctively motivating a group towards success. I'm unflappable in the face of failure and manage through luck and skill to beat even the hardest of odds in the last second so that we're all breathless and screaming out loud with the excitement of it all.

There is really no one better than I am at assessing a known situation and applying experience to the problem creatively in order to solve it more effectively than last time.

You have only my word for that and it's a really GOOD word. You may just have to trust me on that, as well. You wont be sorry for it, promise.

It's neither cruel or overly hardcore of me to expect that the people who show up to raid show up and are prepared by understanding what is expected of them.

It is also not overly hardcore of me to expect to be given the respect that my leadership and skills are worth. Either I am or I am not in charge... no more reasserting myself to be heard over the boss. I shouldn't have a conflict... if there's another boss then they are in charge.


and perfect in it's simplicity, really... see, I know I'm a badass... I have nothing to prove. Why I keep being tempted into doing it is beyond me.


I'm creating some stuffs and putting them out here more to get in the habit of explaining them. We'll see if anyone ever even uses them. LOL

peace and if not peaceful then kill 'em all and leave them wishing you'd done it twice.

epic is as epic does and epic fail is just sad.

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