20 February 2012

before it can be lost to the ether entirely

I did a piece and clipped some images once of a comic strip I loved called By Way of Booty Bay... a strip obviously a play on WoW and ideas from WoW. My own historical images are gone now, as are images from my computer. I very unthoughtfully deleted them thinking they'd be available online forever.

Two of my absolute favorites are now missing. One was a comic about a married/dating couple that opened in a battleground with the husband leaping onto a rock to "finish" his opponent only to miss the fact that a warlock behind him was loading him up with DOTs so that as he pulled back his weapon and prepared to strike he was just dead and trying to figure out what happened. He tells his wife and she laughs, explaining that she once left a battlefield and had time to take a shower and make a sandwich before keeling over dead at the table as a result of DOTs.

The other was a description of the various Horde battleground leaders (see below, I found that one and am looking for the other) and how they would hock their particular warfronts to combatants. It ended with a joke about pwning newbs in Arathi. That one was, sadly, in the telling and in the moment.

The strip is gone. I'm not sure if it was swallowed in the ether intentionally or if it's just quite accidentally vanished one frame at a time because the creator died or is in some other way incapable of paying to maintain an online presence. I'm saddened because it's really really amazingly clever, fairly well drawn (I've never really been an avid connoisseur of comic art) and is exceptionally funny. The above were the few of note left by using the waybackmachine to capture some images from this time last year.

How WoW touches us even outside the confines of the game. Below are links to some other real life locations where WoW is alive in different people's lives... outside the game. Most of them have moved on or have other projects and still maintain their old locations just for those of us who still love the game to discover and enjoy.

peace... and if not peaceful than moving and cheerful.

oh... and 'cause Richard is epic in ANY expansion... lol...

Looking For Group... (link to whole thing is below)

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