19 February 2012

Allu met Ragnaros...

and not entirely badly, either.

I only had to learn one mechanic the hard way... well... two... one on trash leading to him because I had no heals, so really not my problem.

At one point in the fight it's the responsibility of the raid to kill monsters that will spawn in a half circle facing the boss before they can empower the boss' hammer and the first time I spun around and my visual frame of reference had changed, so my assigned target ran over me before I started killing him. It didn't happen again.

There's another point after the first transition when the boss will put "seeds" that hatch monsters on each of the raid members. The "hatching" does area of effect damage that's quite broad, so it needs to be left far from the raid. There was a misunderstanding of my needs born from the fact that I didn't know them and so the first time I left the seed too close by necessity and the next time I was able to articulate that to do my job AND leave the seed farther away I needed to be in a different position.

So... yeah. Cool that 5 iLevel points and 3 pieces of appropriate gear (one being an appropriately leveled weapon) under what I need to get into the higher raids with the guild I was able to learn on the fly and perform to my own expectations.

Woot for me!

Still some concern about the definition of "casual guild" as it applies to raiding.

Last night some friend of the GM was being a shit about the learning curve, something I've had to deal with from regular pugs and from guildies for two years and all in all our GM did a good job handling it. Better than I might have.

And I'm still left with the burning question I've answered in my blog both ways.

Can a casual social/leveling guild also house within it's ranks a raiding group?

I believe it can... I still and firmly believe that the social/leveling aspect of a guild is unharmed by raiding and that the raiding part of a guild needs the relaxed and casual goodnatured chat and energy of a social/leveling family of friends who enjoy the same game. The inherently competitive and driven nature of raiding tends to seem, on the face of it, to exclude the sunny and rambling nature of a guild based on being friends and having fun. I would say that when the raiding becomes less sunny then it becomes unworthy of participation. It's the rambling, free-form and sometimes disorganized nature of a social guild that can be murderous to the raiding aspect and that has to be addressed.

A casual guild is unharmed by raiding. Raiding is devastated by casual attitude and application.

My suggestion to our GM has to be that he does what Matthew and myself did for Decadence and even for our guild on Cenarius... a fun raid starts with preparation, reliable players and communication. Set the rules straight from the start.

THIS iLevel is required. There is no negotiation.
THIS site is where your RL goes for his notes and strategies, read it or suffer the minimal instruction you're going to receive because you're expected to be prepared.
BE prepared. This includes enchants, foods, flasks and proper gear for your role. It also includes knowing the fight or knowing about it at the very least.
BE ON TIME or you'll be replaced or left out. How rude of you to expect that 9 other people think you're the most important person on the planet and will wait for you.

Raiding takes a different type of personality from meandering around the countryside on your quest for achievements and farming materials. A raiding personality is also less individual and miopic than the PvP mindset and firm requirement that there can be only one. Raiders show up to work as a team and to achieve their goals as a team, and that can be born from a family of loving hilarity and generosity that is found in a social/leveling guild more effectively than from a dog-eat-dog competitive raiding guild where the initial mindset is one of selfish absorption and then has to mature to a group setting.

Above are Allu's numbers clocked during a week.

iLevel 375 still needs helm, new weapon and a new trinket... preferably the one that the ninja looting little asshole druid took from me, but I'll never see that one again. I just have to see it drop again and win it this time. LOL grrr...

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