23 January 2012

the new girls on the block...

Julienne Rift 2012 - Mage - Chlor/Archon

Julienne WoW 2012 - Warrior - Fury

Some quick notes. Two months off is a long time in old lady years. This is an awesome test because I'm having to relearn by setting up all of the UI and all of the preferences from scratch because I have no characters to import from on either server, WoW or Rift. (Well, I could cheat in WoW and reload my addons and then copy from existing, but... heh)

I have learned a real lot already about my learning curve. What I have forgotten is the basic level of playing these games, not the broader picture. I know where my quest objectives are I'm just not real sure how to get there. lol

Ok... so... WoW is still WoW. Cartoony and a little less detailed than it is complete. The players are still idiots and *shrug* it's what it is. This is the McDonalds Playplace of the MMO world. What can you expect? I had forgotten how nice it is to meander about in a known place with everything a little new and challenging. I had also forgotten how many new "cheats" exist for lower characters that didn't exist even when I started playing, hearing about how hard it was in Vanilla WoW... heh. Lots of new ways to get to places I've never been just by hitting up the griffin in Elwynn. Yeah. Goldshire has a griffin master and you get 6 flight points to start. wow... that's WoW.

Rift is still Rift. Less cartoony, more pretty and more detailed than it is complete. The players are still chatty and a little rude, and it's what it is. The elitists ran away to Rift and haven't gone back to the playplace yet. That said... ummm... every one of my servers was marked as Trial Account Only, translation is they're slated for delete. When I started Rift there was more than a page of options for Shards to play on. Then there were almost 3 pages. Now there is less than a full page. I have a bad feeling I'm doing this experiment just in time to say goodbye to Rift and it saddens me because I really enjoyed my time there today.

So... playing a mage in Skyrim is so natural and learning a mage in Rift was so addictive that I am doing it again. Julienne 2012 is a mage and she's already kicking butt. I can thank Belegorad as an example and still... screw you, dude. On my own and without anyone getting growly and crabby with me I'm kicking ass and taking names. Level 8 and I can pwn level 12's with my pj wearin' butt. I could still use his help and oh well... I'll be damned if that's why I'd open the lines of communication right now.

I restarted a human warrior in WoW because that's where I started, with all of the "why aren't you playing a pally?" and "humans are just so LAME" commentary. It was fun, it's a whole new experience from the old one and still layers over some of the same old quests, so it was like a little bit of nostalgia to go with my asskicking. Julienne 2009 died in Fargodeep. A lot. Julienne 2012 waited for the spiders in the next mine and got her butt killed, only once. heh... I guess my warriors just really do die a lot.

So not really much to say in the way of intellectual comparrisons. I'll let that wait. There's the girls. More later.

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