16 January 2012

so I'mma come here for my girls

new exploits... old stories... a girl gamer's experiences in MMO and single player games.

we'll save the bragging and the tongue wagging for rift hoppin' and I'll come here for the more intellectual questions.

like is it possible for a mage who isn't allowed to war any armor to conquer the world on medium difficulty if she's not played by me?


I'll be going back to WoW and to Rift for an attempt at a new and fresh look without the expectations I seem to have piled on them. A new Jules in each... a girl to start over on.

I really want to love them again because each for their own reasons were beautiful.

I'll blog each gaming session for a bit... even if it's just in highlights until I get into it or really don't get into it again.

An experiment while I'm looking for work... an hour a day somewhere and see what I see.

In Skyrim Julienne is a spellsword hybrid.

By that I mean that she is a caster and wears heavy armor gauntlets and boots and the arch-mages robes from the college of mages. She uses bound weapons that she conjures magically and she kicks the snot out of things.

She is not new, she has already finished the Dragonborn quest line as far as she's going (without spoiling things, to keep going with part of that chain she'd have to kill someone that both the character and the player really like, so... well... not gonna happen) and she's completed the civil war and mages college quests. There are about 100 more dungeons to conquer, and that has become her challenge. Learn every word from a dragonwall in the game, complete every dungeon or instanced area she can access and then see what level she is when she's done.

She's hawt, but not as hawt as some of the others that were designed after I understood how managing their look worked in character creation. Right now she's level 23 and has good but not maxed professions.

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