17 January 2012

learning a new game

I've played Skyrim now for 2 months.

I've had a total of 7 characters finish the "main quest" which is tied to being Dragonborn and having to help save Skyrim from a dragon who heralds the "end of times."

This does not finish the game. It doesn't even come close to finishing the game.

So now I have a number of kids, to include the test subject above who is about to be cheated. Ysil will be reborn, with a little bit prettier face and a little less ummm... emo girl sorta stuff going on by using a console command to remake her appearance. Then she's gonna do the Dark Brotherhood quest chain.

Who do I have and what are they for?

Ysil, Imperial, Pure Mage - Assassin and Anti-Thalmor Agent (this is in my head, mind you... as there's nothing directly allied to or against the Thalmor in the game right now.) She was born to prove some numbnuts in the forums wrong that baby mages suck. I didn't do anything on her except to go straight into the college quests and didn't give her anything she didn't find on the way to use to save her. At level 6 she was able to do without dying once what he couldn't figure out how to make work at level 7 and was being advised not to try until level 10 or higher. I posted a step-by-step as an asshat move and then had to find a purpose for her because she's fragile but really pretty badass.

Julienne (the second), Breton, SpellSword Hybrid - General Do-Gooder and Bumbler. All of my Juliennes learn the hard way and this one is no different. The first version had 150000 gold, three houses and a husband who went to bed in the basement wearing his pickaxe. She was deleted because I'd allowed her to level to 50 before completing some of the main quest chains and felt like there weren't any challenges for her anymore. The second is much lower level, played the same way and has 28 levels before she reaches the apparent monster cap of the game and things start to get really easy.

Leopold, High Elf, Destruction Mage - Parked so he can become my enemy of the Thalmor/spy if they ever give us the choice or option. I frankly fell quite out of love with him and don't want to delete him just yet. He's kinda, well, redundant. Poor guy.

Ioan (the second), Breton, SpellSword Heavy Metal Mage - Evil dude in plate. He'll have all the daedric armor etc... I had to remake him because he started as a Nord and omgosh they aren't just impressive in body and capable of 2handed goodness... they're really awkward to level as mages. LOL The first version also had something in the neighborhood of 150000 gold before I deleted him. First Ioan and Julienne were born around the same time and I hadn't learned to be careful leveling my professions so he was very high level and had tons of gold but not much else. He hasn't done the dragonborn chain yet, and he might just wait a bit. He's liking killing stuff right now.

ilijan, Nord, Mage/Dual-Wielding Warrior - she's lovely, fun and purely impractical for the sake of it. She was born to level without perks and play otherwise just the same way that Julienne did with them. She cleared the civil war, main quest line and most of the college of winterhold chain before level 17 without profession levels, without perks and without any armor she didn't pick up along the way or buy enchanted. I ended up caving in and loading her perks before doing Skuldafn because I was going through too many potions to complete it on medium difficulty without giving her the perks.

Kierijan, Nord, PureWarrior - 2 handed weapons only, right now always light armor but she's picked up two sets of really secsy heavy armor and has no perks in any type of armor so... lol. One heavy metal mage and one heavy metal warrior, I think. Nords are lovely for this. I think Kierijan has cast flames three or four times, and always to light gasolene in crypts on fire and kill her enemies. LOL

and my favorite (I know, everyone always expects that to be Jules) my RP character:

Delia, Imperial (though she's 1/2 Nord in the story), ThiefMage - a little bit of lots of things that all base around being silent, being sneaky and having answers and things that belong to other people. She's also become sort of a do-gooder in her own way and was my first Stormcloak character because it just made sense. She had a purpose and a personality before I made her and she has a story, also. I'll update and post it. I had to remake her as the story became more obviously important to me because I'd made two or three decisions on Delia 1 that were really bad and couldn't be undone before I was clear on who she should be. In game she'll never marry because I wont use a console command to have the person she married in the story.

lmao. so mostly just for fun and still... some of them are more RP than anything else and some of them are purely test subjects, poor things.

oh, and besides the sort of "baseline" quests and things that all Dovahkiin will do in time if they are going to do the main quest line, none of them have followed any of the same paths.

Gods I love this game!

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