22 January 2012

hesitate to cheat and you're a liar... zomg...


I forget what forums are for in Ruth's world and then I end up dickbent and frustrated with idiots who can't help that they're stubborn and frustrating for anyone with more than 10 braincells.

long story short, guy needs the code for the chest at the foot of the bed in a house that's "haunted" in skyrim. it's not really haunted, and it has enough glitches and problems that it might as well be.

so I posted that I'm distrustful of the codes after trying to clean up my haunted hjerim and ended up reloading after accidentally deleting walls and floors and stuff and his response was to assert that I must not really have it if I'm not willing to go into my game and get him the console code for a chest at the foot of his bed that should be there and isn't...

the code for the chest at the end of the bed is 000df5ac and player.moveto will teleport you to the spot where it should be as a "check"

**if I found the right one and that's not the damned floor or bed or carpet... the risk is on you


above is a contrast of the hjerim I fell in love with (owned by Kierijan) and the haunted hjerim (owned by ilijan) that taught me to be more careful.

hjerim is a house in windhelm in skyrim... it is really glitchy because it represents more than two intersecting possibilities in different quest chains... sometimes there really can just be so many possibilities that you can't foresee them all. this home is a fantastic example of it.

sometimes you get it haunted and sometimes you get it just perfectly secsy.

troubleshooting the best house in the game:

Complete the full chain of Blood on the Ice(Imperial) you must have completely finished the civil war chain(Stormcloak) you must have completed Battle for Whiterun

speak to Jorlief to buy the house
(NOTE: the price is still glitched, he'll take 8,000 if it's all you have on you or he'll charge the listed price of 12,000 if you have that much gold on you)tell Jorlief you want the house cleaned
GO CHECK THE HOUSE BEFORE YOU CONTINUEcheck all floors all places where proof of Blood on the Ice might not have been removed
ALL GOOD? save your game
NOT GOOD? reload and try again
once you're at the ALL GOOD place then decorate your home by returning to Jorlief

(I'll be honest, I checked between each room and found that things that had gone came back and I had to reload again... just an FYI)

still lovin' skyrims, even when people in the forums make me scream... still hating' blogspot and the fact that it's glitchy as fuck and generally trying to get my crap together for worksearch, fun and still housecleaning... *gack*

hope this helps if you find it and doesn't come up at all if you don't care.

peace and if not peaceful then kill 'em all and let their gods sort 'em out.

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