28 September 2011

nothing to do at 50... pshaw

you who complain can kiss my big white butt

Ashes of History -- 1.5

in a nutshell... zomg... actually actively like a little kid right now. Gods I love new patches and I get new content x2 so close together that I'm a little freaky tweeky right now.

Rift first 'cause Rift is first. :P

Work together to repair the travel stones. Looks quest and dailies based as part of a new world event... so get your asses there and ready to go 'cause it's game on.

The guardians have a lot to thank the defiants for... I'm just sayin'.

Chronicles opens: 2 and 3 man dungeon content. WOOOT... , planar atunement for those of you crying that you're not getting enough endgame advancement, veteran rewards to congratulate you on a job well done.

A new warfront and a new dungeon... just for more funness.

Shadefallen has sort of fallen in priority for me after finding an active and vivid guild called Yayifications on Atrophinius. Fun peeps and fun things to do in a place where I didn't expect to also find someone as fun to play with as Chris... so it's not that I don't love you all... it's that I love this thing, too... and when I make the time it's happening here more than other places.

I am headed back to WoW as well... I have someone to level who needs me. :)

peace and if it can't be peaceful then kill all the guardians and then sack one of their towns, they deserve it.

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