01 August 2011

sometimes just a little RP goes a long way...

I've done it for years with my WoW characters... why not also in rift?

Ioan takes a moment of meditation while I'm away from keyboard and it's nice to know that he grows a bit while I'm so busy.

Sanguinaire is beautiful and deadly and truly a beauty in everything she does. A Rogue... Saboteur and Ranger, whether she kills you from up close and blows your bits to the moon or traps you where you stand and lets the wolf eat your bits, the artists did her proud and she's in my heart in a way that most of my characters never will be. Could you resist a beauty this lovely and deadly? lol

and Anija... the new warrior. One who has not been born outside of Rift because she's the second generation for me... all DPS all the time and still gently beautiful and delicate for a girl taller than most human men. Blue and beautiful and badass. She may replace the other girls for me because she's a woman without ties that bind to anyone except me.

the rogue and the warrior... the pair of them rift hoppin' and shard hoppin' together just for the joy of moving them around.

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