10 July 2011

oh I love my girls

love love love my girls

Syn is 83 now in WoW and 20 on the Rift side. A perfect little easter egg with her skimpy clothes and bright blue and pink colors.

Jules is 85 in WoW and 50 in Rift and is ALMOST as raid geared on the Rift side as the WoW side... being as she was barely raid geared in WoW before I found my new place to play.

Getting ready to move and so playing less than I want to.

Shadefallen is a secsy spot, Sanguinaire is rifthopping for real, Shard to Shard in search of adventure since Rift made it possible for free and I'm always curious what next. :)

Will have more to post when I get Jules into raids. Promise.

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