19 April 2011


this is the blog formerly known as talmuraanandmore...

some posts from that brag spot will come here and others will return to the ether from which they came because that is what happens to ether when it is no longer held in form.

we've been playing Rift and holy crap do these guys at Trion have it dialed in.

alright, so I'm not happy to split my Mac with bootcamp and turn 1/3 of it into a windows machine for the ability to play... oh well. learned something and GOT A TOTALLY AWESOME NEW GAME TO PLAY!

Belegorad and Julienne and a cast of others you might know somewhere else and might just be meeting are all experiencing the wonderful world Trion has created for us in Telara.

The graphics are remeniscent of Mist and Riven (the creators are trying hard to keep a separation because the one syllable name seems to have confused slower members of the MMO world -- THIS IS NOT A RELATIVE OF THOSE GAMES) and the world is as dynamic and unpredictable as they promised.

This is definately the much needed break I needed from that OTHER MMO, although you'll see them appear here, as well... from past posts remembered and saved to new ones because I'm not giving up on that game that kept me so enraptured for so long just because I'm worn out by some of the less fun things.

Come with us and explore this amazingly graphic and challenging new world called Telara where rifts opening between planes are threatening to destroy the whole world. Come and hear about our challenges and rants and enjoyments and discoveries as we have them... and please please please... share.

We love to share.

peace... and if it can't be peaceful then kill it all until the rift is sealed and then kill the Guardians for good measure.

they deserve it, I swear.


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