14 March 2009

Guilds in World of Warcraft

GUILD: An association of men or women belonging to the same class or engaged in the same industry, profession, interested in the same leisure, literary or other pursuit etc... see also FRATERNITY

what they mean to the different people in them...
We are members of many different guilds.
Talmuraan which Belegorad founded on Garona to stand out as a group of individuals who are more interested in helping each other and even strangers... real world Paladins with a need to help and who enjoy helping others.
Circle of Swords which was created by a friend and his best friends as a family on Akama, a PvP server where they felt a real need for brotherhood and togetherness against the constant competition for materials and completion of their quests. We've had our up's and downs and now only one of the original three remains on as guild master... it's about solidarity and togetherness and is NOT a twink guild as we were originally told. This is a leveling guild, a group determined to have the end game in which to play and grow and enjoy themselves. And they do. These individuals have more pets, more epic armor and gear... more willingness to come out and level up their lower guild mates than any guild I've ever been in. I met the game in a whole new way here and I love them for the spoiling my warrior Sweetassyn has gotten from them the whole way up the ladder.
Decadence, Inc. created by a woman who is now only a little character who auctions and otherwise sends pretty things to her guild mates and passed the reins to her friend... Twinkfairy is aptly named. This guild is NOT a leveling guild, finding higher level characters to assist in instances or simply run a character over and over through an area until a certain piece of gear is obtained isn't really something you find... this is a crafting guild of extraordinary proportions... and a twink guild. Pretty items are vaulted for lower members or mailed directly, and if someone needs help catching a profession up this guild can find 1000 plants or pieces of leather in 10 minutes. They love each other and they love their game. Julienne has struggled to be a part of the brotherhood I share in Circle of Swords and has still never missed the friendly family of helpfulness.
Lava Rulez is the brain child of an incredibly sexy and inventive and creative lady who wanted a family of other individuals who love to play World of Warcraft, almost but not quite a sister guild to Circle of Swords, Lava Rulez is in a quiet rhelm called Misha where they started out on the Horde side and then created characters on the Alliance side as well. Only the founder and her sister and a friend remain of their original cast of many... they are helpful if absent on other servers often, and they love the game. It's really a guild of learning to play and learning to enjoy even the harder aspects of a very complex world full of complex situations. I love our guild mistress best of any I have in any guild. Because she's learning, like me, and seems to get the point of having fun better than any of the rest of us. I'm learning from her every day.
Guilds are groups of like minded individuals who share a common goal... and in my experience they are also really families, with all the disagreements and differences as they have similarities.
In a perfect world I'd have the resources to have my own guild... one that brought the highlights of all of these guilds together... the brotherhood and want to build a group of combatants as connected as the Knights of King Arthur's Round Table who are also able to share like skills and abilities and still encourage one another to share, enjoy, take time, have fun and be successful at the same time that they are helpful and giving to others.
I know... suddenly it sounds less like WoW I'm talking about and more like the real world.
That's the trouble with these sorts of games, really... they mimic and even highlight the real world they are played in because they're played by real people.
I love my guilds. All of them. The people are real and wonderful and difficult and fun.
I'd still combine them if I could.

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