13 August 2019

WHEW... I didn't get the names I wanted but I got them made...

Pagle... Normal (because PvE is too much for people to understand, apparently) North American.

And the mage's name has already changed again!

I went with Hunda for the Warlock, Gruffudd for the Warrior (as you can see) and then dug around and dug around for something to fit the Mage and finally settled on one that I'm not even sure really exists. It had people reading it, it means witch... but I'll never be able to say to whom because I can't find it without the special character O's. LMAO Doriodoir is her name, though. For now. I'm still looking.

it's counting down... :D I'm so excited. I know everyone's race, appearance and professions... now to just get to play!

03 August 2019

Last Open Beta Scheduled!

So... last day to test it all out, see what I think and how it will go.

And also to see how the world balance looks! :D

I'm so excited for this release and I feel like it's the hype I give myself about every release and have done since Lich King where the hype was real... and was answered in kind.

Recently one of the big streamers actually asked his watchers if we'd vote for BC and LK after a couple of years of Classic... and I'm really torn on my answer. On the one hand I kinda feel like we asked for Classic and it's Classic we get. And maybe in a couple of years they can give us expansions in this universe without changes to the end cap. And on the other hand... it's BC and LK that brought them in the most subs. So did the new subs kill the game as we know it by expanding the player base from the nerds that loved it and still do to the shitheel asshats who wanted fast bang for their bucks and whine non-stop even when given everything they're pandering little asses ever asked for? I mean, those asshats are really just a part of the greater public at large and so by increasing the player base we increased the number of them who would logically be in the game, so it only makes sense that the game sort of flowed the way it did.

Or do we let them bring us slowly back through to the LK before we ask for new content at different levels?

Or perhaps ask for servers that cap on Classic, servers that cap on BC and servers that cap on LK where the game reached it's absolute height of popularity and people playing and loving the game?

I mean, they CAN allow migration UP, and deny migration back down as a service... be sure before you go because you can't go back... and no Classic transfers of any kind, you burn it here you have to start all over again. LOL That has to be part of the rules since that's part of what made the world so much better to play in and do anything else in. People learned quickly that they could literally burn themselves for the whole world they played in and had to creep away and go away forever, or make a new toon and never talk about the old one again.

I just don't know. I'm afraid of anything that lets other people vote anymore... I mean... look at BFA... or better yet, how about a subject we all know and love... the 45th President of the US.

See ya after August 8th at 11 PST!!! WOOOT...

02 July 2019

quick retail rant and update

Update first: lets have something nice to say first...

I will have some really fun WoW themed patterns and goodies in the shop soon and that makes me happy. I'mma make some Azsharan (fish people whose names we're no longer allowed to say) goodies and some other fun stuff. As well as the little murloc guy I keep saying I'll make and then keep finding anything else to do.

So... maybe the Sub money will pay for itself. We hope.

Guess who earned and bought the mount he can no longer use until level 100?
Way to go, Blizzard. You're a right bunch of bastards who deserve all the bad people fling at you.

So we ALL love to hate on Blizz... and we have from the very first day of the original Classic launch... this isn't new. They've said to new-hires and old-timers, "They're just ungrateful assholes," from the very beginning.


Just one new thing... in a list of things... so I'll tell you now... if you haven't logged in for awhile and have the ability to do so, go do it if you had a water strider AND are over level 100 on any toons... get the cool little thing in the mail that will enable you to equip it on the mounts page to turn all of your mounts into water walking mounts. If you don't it will likely age out of your mailbox and you'll have to go buy it later.

WHAT? WHY? All water walking mounts lost the passive and if you had the strider you get a free little thing to be able to make ALL mounts water walking mounts. NONE of your characters under level 100 have water walking or access to it outside of other racial/class abilities or potions anymore.

Honestly... there's something pandering and skeezy pathetic to this, Blizzard. WE KNOW you're hurting for money... it's clear in everything you do right now... but you're clearly not hurting enough to do more than whore yourself out like a cheap back alley crack ho... 50% off everything in the shop, come buy come buy come buy because we really need your money... If you're not leveling your toons we're gonna make it harder and harder until you have to pay us $70 to bump them into the newest expansion because this is pure golden lovely profit for us... we killed the gold sellers and now we sell it to you ourselves... and if you want Classic you better have a current Sub because we're giving it to you "free" with all sorts of implied strings... it's like everything about this feels like Guido has me by the short curlies and is just waiting to rip them out without any warning. Get off your knees in the alley and pick yourself up and start making a game we fucking want to play! OMG! Get to rock bottom already and come back from the ashes.

Greedy assholes making a shit game and catering to the lowest common denominator until that's all they have left and they can't see a way out without getting their shit all over themselves.


Waiting for Classic and prepared to go thermonuclear if they actually make us get the next big expansion in order to keep playing. That's kinda what I figure it gonna happen if we have more players than retail does by November or December of 2019.

29 June 2019

Leveling Tips Classic WoW

So... I have already strongly suggested that you choose 2 professions and also level up all of the secondary professions... AND I've suggested that you do it as you go... which means I'm already turning you into the sort of player who needs hours and hours and hours a day just to level.

And that's not really true. AND... here I'm going to suggest some more things that will help trim some time out and that will initially also add some time to your experience.

I'm sorry, and not really sorry at the same time.

1. Flight points are important. They come with the added advantage of some gained experience as you discover the locations. There are very few of these in the game and the more you have the more places you can go. Trust me, it's worth your time at each 10 levels to wander about and get them. I often go and get them early because I don't mind the hilarity of corpse running or the challenge of finding ways NOT to die while going where I don't belong.

2. Stay on your professions even if it stalls your move to the next zone. Done all the quests you wanna do in an area? FARM EVERYTHING... if you mine that means kill everything between every mine and mine it all. Maybe more than once. Passing a stream? Fish. Get it all. Already over that level? Did you also have an Engineering or Blacksmithing profession? LEVEL THEM... bank some of the rarer bits like gems before you go. Same with Herbalism. Same with Skinning. Remember... Hunter pets need food, and fish is fairly universal. They won't all be fishing like you are. Fish are a great swap and they're a great sale, depending on the type of player you are and how serious you are about your 1,000 gold mount at 60.

3. Kill everything every time. All the time. Loot it all. There are more reasons for this than just the rare bag or upgraded gear opportunities. Gray items give you money, humanoids drop cloth and all mobs give experience, even if it's only a little bit. Sometimes I wander around killing just to kill and loot. Some mobs also have the benefit of offering reputation gains. Rogues should also be sneaking and picking pockets all the time. Picking locks all the time. Rogues should be doing this even if they plan on killing the thing right after, which they really should do. Practice clearing the room of pockets and trunks before you clear the room of bodies. Honestly... we need you sneaky as hell.

4. Boring old side quest who wants it anyway? Do it. Not only will it possibly open another chain, you might get good loot and you'll for sure get some experience. Besides, only those asshole speed levelers will encourage you to drop the quest and move right on a certain level. Why bother? Everyone following their guide is going to be doing that. In fact...

5. Look up the leveling guides and money making guides and all of those sorts of videos now and see where they tell you to go and now make your plan something else. I learned this the hard way when I started playing. The hardcore assholes will already be farming those guides and so trying to cash in on them is going to be next to impossible and really just frustrating. If you happen to find yourself in one of those places you'll have the benefit of knowing to look for things and otherwise you know that this is one of those locations where people will be following a guide and that really, you're just there for your professions and any possible goodies you can get before they do.

6. I mentioned Fishing... Fish all the time. Take the time. I actually enjoy the mindlessness of fishing and so I'll do it for 10 minutes at least two times every time I play unless I only have a few minutes and am doing some quick profession leveling or random killing. The higher your fishing the more likely you are to be able to clean up in the floating debris pools around the world where you can get more than cloth. I've heard people whine about them and honestly... who DOESN'T want some bolts of cloth to trade to a tailor or sell on the AH? Who complains about a little bit of free money?

7. Know the rarest things in the world that exist for your professions and make it a habit to farm the hell out of them. Only got an hour or two to play today? Fly to one of those locations and farm. Some hints on this... on Kalimdor is a location that is the ONLY location for a particular type of cloth needed by a particular type of tailor so it sells really well. (Imagine, a 14 slot bag that doesn't bind on equip... yeah... :D) In that same area there's some herbs that are only available there and are highly sought after. Swamp of Sorrows is another location where there are herbs and mobs that drop things highly sought after. STV is a zone full of ALL the things... and remember... LOOT IT ALL... somewhere there's a skinner who will hate you if you don't. Loot it and drop it on the ground if you don't have space. And LOOT IT. Post in /zone that you are leaving piles of skinning... if you don't get a couple group invites you'll soon have a ghost either way. LOL

8. Auction House... honestly. Auction House. Don't vendor all of it. I tend to vendor my grays if I can't wear them, and list it if you can't use it or don't have a friend to share with. The only addon I am waiting for is Auctioneer. I may have others, I don't know yet. And I know for a fact that this is one I want greatly. I usually leave addons until after I level because they're really most useful for me in raiding and dungeons.

If you kill everything all the time, if you level everything all the time and if you pay attention to exploration every opportunity you can get it then you will not only be able to get around the world faster than others, you will also have the ability to get to dungeon and raid entrances, you'll have the benefit of knowing the maps and you'll have a whole world of experience and not just a little localized one. Remember... this is an adventure. What sort of adventurer are you?


27 June 2019

Guild Applications... because they're coming

I will probably make a guild application eventually... and I'll likely be in a number of guilds along the way in the meantime, because I'd rather not be in charge if I don't have to be... and I almost always end up needing to be because I have authority issues. Particularly I don't like people to have authority over me who use it.

So... some tips to answering questions and filling out guild applications.

1. Know what kind of guild you're looking for and scan the guild page and other available online information about them BEFORE you apply. Honestly, like I said in my post Before You Start in WoW Classic, know what sort of guild you're looking for, and have some basic idea of the terms and descriptions you're looking for, or at least what you're NOT looking for.

2. Be honest. You really don't want to end up in a guild you don't want to be in. Trust me on this. There's nothing more miserable than feeling obligated to a guild you don't like, or worse... being in a guild that's a poor fit and feeling like you can't make it without them. You can. You can make it just fine without them. And they'll be happier without you, too.

3. Be overly communicative. If there's room to expand on an idea or answer in the application, expand on it. This will help them determine whether you're a good fit.

4. Interview them back. THIS IS OF PRIMARY IMPORTANCE. Ask in your application for a chance to talk to them back if there's no up-front opportunity. I have ALWAYS interviewed my guilds ahead of time with the exception of the first one I was ever in. And I don't only speak to the GM or recruitment person. /who [guild name] will show you online members... if you're thinking of applying to a guild try a polite message to an online member playing at the time of day when you usually play and ask them politely if you can talk to them a bit about the guild. Tell them you're thinking of applying and just kind of want to get a feel for the type of guild it is. If they're worth being in that member will at least point you to another member to speak to. The WORST possible outcome is to accidentally be speaking to one of the officers or GM's, and that's not so bad. They really SHOULD be the best person to talk to. I mean, we're talking about you joining an important resource and time sink in the game and it benefits THEM to sell YOU on the idea of their guild just as much as it benefits you to be open and honest with them.

5. Don't be afraid to say no. If you're unsure after the whole process then walk away. YOU CAN PLAY BY YOURSELF... remember, you'd rather party with friends than be stuck some place you didn't want to be and have to /gquit after spending time trying to make it work.

6. Don't be afraid of them turning you down, either. I know this can be crushing if they're the number one rated RP guild on the server and they don't want you to join. Trust me. They're either being too picky or you're really not a good fit. Either way they're not actually a good fit and it's better to move along.

Sounds pretty obvious and you'd be amazed how many people this is really NOT that obvious to.

I say again, Classic WoW is a different world ENTIRELY from retail WoW... and the sooner everyone realizes it and settles in to it the better it will be for all of us. The hardcore guys are gonna find themselves in a world where they can't just crack the whip and get 40 guys to settle into roles and do exactly what they're told when they're told to do it... particularly with gear drops that are so rare and so far between.


22 June 2019


Some things to seriously consider before you begin because there's a large investment in going back.

I would add server here and I think I'm just going to be clear which one I chose before I get going and stick to it... because there's just no way to coordinate 100% of people in one place and no way to know who you'll be playing with. I'm paying close attention to where the retail Hardcore guys say they're starting and avoiding the hell out of them because Classic really has no place for the retail Hardcore mentality. And initially there's no way to fully avoid those players anyway, because they'll all wanna come see the world.

1. PvP, RP, PvE
  • PvP = Player vs. Player - the world is ALWAYS open to combat between the players, not just in contested areas or by flagging... this means that the gankers who love retail WoW will have a place made just for them and I suspect it will suck in ways that the original PvP servers NEVER did. This is important because gankers existed even in the way-back times... they were just many fewer than players who just happened to be on the other side of the faction war.
  • RP = Role Play - and the world is ideally set up for people who drop into a character and play it from a specific set of rules and are "in character" all the time. This has become slang for sex, so warning, likely places to avoid are hotels, inns, empty houses etc... I'd say avoid this until you have friends to play with who share your world view and story arc at least enough to be confident and surrounded by like-minded individuals playing their RP like you're playing yours.
  • PvE = Player vs. Environment - this is the world most of us are accustomed to playing in. Contested areas, battle grounds and self-flagging will open up a world where the factions are always at war and you can be killed by other players and otherwise the world is your primary danger just like any other video game. This is the environment of the majority of retail WoW these days and is the ideal world for people getting their game legs back.
To change this there is no character transfer... you have to start over from level 1. Be confident in your choice.

2. Appearance/Class/Race/Faction
There is no changing your character's appearance, Class, Race or Faction in Classic WoW. You can only begin again.

Take your time. Choose wisely for yourself. No one else can make these decisions and so I recommend you don't even involve them. There is absolutely NOTHING that says you can't level in another starting area with someone else, well, besides the fact that the Wetlands stand between Night Elves and the rest of the Alliance and that some classes have to travel back for training if they're not "at home."

3. Professions
There are primary and secondary or "support" professions and every one of them comes with their
own unique challenges and benefits.

Primary Professions (with related gather profession where I deem it necessary)
Do some research before selecting your primary professions because you can only ever have 2 and they are uniquely tied together sometimes.
  • Blacksmith/Mining - Plate wearers might love this combination because they can make their own gear, as well as highly prized gear that other players want. There are specializations and online research needs to be done to be sure you're choosing a good one for your function. Without mining as a second a Blacksmith is ENTIRELY reliant on making the money necessary to buy all of the materials to craft their armor, so I highly recommend against having a Blacksmith without Mining.
  • Engineer/Mining - Engineering is useful AND fun, and has 2 specializations and so you'll have to choose wisely by doing research. Like Blacksmithing, trying to do this profession without Mining is game-crushing expensive in an Auction House or farming character way. I highly recommend against Engineer without Mining.
  • Alchemy/Herbalism - Alchemists are one of the most utilitarian crafters in the game as they make something for everyone and use almost everything in the game to do it. Do your research before you specialize because every specialization has a great benefit to the crafter as well as the group, and some are more useful to different players than others. I highly recommend against Alchemy without Herbalism because you will have to purchase your materials if you don't pick them yourself. A necessary secondary profession here is Fishing. It's really required. Trust me. Note, herbalism is the only way to gather some materials that are needed for other crafting professions.
  • Leatherworker/Skinning - If your character wears Leather armor this is a fabulous way to make your own armor, it also is fabulous for making bags that other players will need of different types as well as highly prized gear for other players. There are specializations and so I highly recommend you do some online research before choosing your path and then hold to it and do what's necessary. I do not recommend Leatherworking without Skinning, again because you need the leather and buying it would be prohibitive to a place where it could crush your game play.
  • Tailor - There are specializations, so do your research. Particularly pay attention to types of armor for your own personal class. Because tailors make costume gear, cloth armor and bags it's also important to note that this profession does not require a second primary profession as all players gather cloth, so finding a buddy from the start to feed you cloth or barter with is almost necessary if you want to level it quickly and effectively. It's a great money maker, and is also a huge money sink.
  • Enchanter - There are massive benefits to being an enchanter who is also a caster and this is often but not always paired with Tailoring. Wands, buffs to gear and stats and many other things come from enchanting. It is not required to be a Tailor (though enchanters and break or disenchant armor that's made from tailoring, leather working, blacksmithing and world drops for materials to make enchants) to be an enchanter, nor is having an enchanter necessary for tailoring. Enchanting requires a great amount of destroying gear and items in order to get materials, and can be a money sink for the efforts and the rewards are amazing.

Secondary Professions
  • Cooking: This is a time-sink and is incredibly useful. Foods heal and buff the player and can be made all the way up to top level for very useful raid and dungeon buffs. It is worth your time, and you can usually level it from the things you're already killing or fishing up in certain areas. I recommend doing it the whole way up and just staying on top of it as you go. Going back to level it and catch it up is painful and time consuming and places you in competition for materials with people still leveling in that area, so it can also lead to in-game strife and frustration.
  • First Aid: This is a cloth sink and it is terribly frustrating to level in places, and is also necessary for the solo player. I almost always level it even though it means my tailors suffer greatly and for long periods of time without money or the ability to level their primary profession. My warlocks never needs this, though, and so I never make them learn it.
  • Fishing: This is a huge time sink and is useful to Cooking, Alchemy, Leatherworking and many other professions. Pools and fishing wreckage can give you tons of stuff to use and sell, and it can also be lucrative if you fish certain fish for certain things. Classic WoW brings back Deviate Delight and that's money. The recipe is really rare and will be closely farmed.

4. To Guild or Not to Guild?
This is entirely personal to you. I like the security, company and perks of being in a guild, but not enough to start one of my own right away. Truthfully, I'm giving you a list of words below and so many players disagree on the application and actual meanings of these words that I'm going to keep it general and "book defined" as well as possible.
  • Leveling Guild - This is a guild built around helping the players level. Excess crafting materials and green letter and crafted armors will be in this bank, as well as looted and crafted small bags of different types. Anything that makes leveling one or more characters a little easier will be in the guild bank and available from other players. Often these guilds also focus higher level characters on accompanying lower level characters to help with hard quests and chains and will organize groups of lower level characters to run together for certain things. A lot of alt-a-holic players end up in leveling guilds where they feel connected to other players who live for the climb.
  • Social Guild - Social guilds are just what they sound like. Players sharing personal stories, games, recipes and other things make up just as much of the game time as playing do. These will be guilds centered around friendships, interpersonal communication and sharing and the focus will really be about being social, less about anything else even if they are also Leveling or PvP etc... 
  • PvP Guild - These guys are all about the ganking and rankings on the Battlegrounds. The focus here is always player vs. player even on a server that isn't set up for PvP all the time. These are players who are energized by the fight to take down other live players more than anything else in the game and they're very good at it. 
  • Raid Guild - These guilds are all about the fast climb, fast gear and hard challenge of taking on the bosses in dungeons and raids. The climb is a necessary thing and they'll min-max and meta their way up to be sure that every player has the necessary skills and equipment for the challenge of getting 25-40 people through the gruelling defeat of an entire dungeon full of dangerous encounters. Highly competitive, usually very supportive through certain aspects, I think it's important to point out here and now that only Classic WoW was able to combine Leveling or Social with Raid in the description of a guild without lying. And I would still be wary. Until new to Classic players have adapted from retail, I suspect the retail definition of Raid Guild will try to apply and I personally want nothing to do with it. 
  • RP Guild - Like RP servers, these folks have a certain way they see their characters and interact with their world and it is necessary to enjoy being a Dwarf for the sake of being a Dwarf, or hating Dwarves for some reason... or having a complete life story for your characters. It is because I'm always a little RP that I name my characters carefully, and will not be repeating my old names for Classic, because those girls already exist and their stories are done and told or are still continuing in Retail WoW... even if they SHOULD have ended. LOL I suggest if you're the sort of player with a story and a back story and a way you want to play that you collect friends and people who play this way or carefully interview your RP guild for these elements. I have been very lucky and the Social/Leveling guilds I've been in have all been ok with me being a little weird and RP around my edges.
  • Retail or Current Raid Guild - Aka Hardcore Raid Guild - These players are competitive, combative and all about the race to the gear and to the best in place stats and builds. These are an outgrowth of a leveling system that didn't exist in Classic WoW and will have to be slowly re-trained or discouraged from participation because the best in slot gear may be one piece that 6 players need and only 1 at a time can achieve and it is my experience that the Hardcore guys all feel like they earned it and no one else deserves it. This has no place in a game where every profession comes with a need for coordinated groups of individuals willing to work together regardless of whether it's their profession or not that they're building. I have a very negative view of "hardcore" as a ranking of any guild, particularly Raiding because it comes with a mindless myopic view and selfishness that's actually detrimental to the game.
Beware social guilds with rules about how to be social, leveling guilds with requirements before you can get help leveling and raid guilds with competitive rankings or higher than casually obtainable standards because they may not fully understand their guild type. And mostly, know yourself and the way YOU play and want to play. You'll be able to feel right away whether something is a good fit for you or not. Remember, this is a new game in an old world and a return to things that a majority of retail WoW players have never even played in. There will be some learning curves.

In my dreams I want a Social Leveling guild... a place where packrats and hoarders come to tell stories and share the game and play the game in ways that have nothing to do with the quests and stories and lore! That's the game I miss. If I can't find one then I guess we'll have to make one... LOL

Woot... Yayifications?

21 June 2019

Meta Gaming WoW Classic

remember... we all play for different reasons.

I have become convinced that the reasons I leave the game is that it really isn't the game I love anymore. And because I tend to err on the side of not doing illegal things, perhaps questionable (I DO use addons in the game, and while not illegal they're really seriously hated and discouraged by Blizzard) ones happen regularly. So... I never played on a pirate Classic server.

Well... to do this so that I am happy with it and not pay attention to the blogs and bullshit online (at the moment there's a whole movement of young kids who believe that Paladins can't be tanks, only Warriors can be tanks because even Druids sucked... ummm... lmao more for us, I suppose) even a little bit I feel like I need to make a PLAN.

Remember, Douglas Adams points out that by making a PLAN I am then freed up to do whatever the fuck I want... but without the PLAN I am a little stuck trying to figure out what to do next. So...

the PLAN...

Before anything starts here I have to say this... I'm torn between RP and PVE servers right now. TERRIBLY TORN... because I think I'd rather play RP forever than deal with the bullshit little newbs that will make me nuts until they quit... and I still think I'll start PVE and see what happens later. Maybe have a secret toon on an RP server where we meet up when we play and never tell anyone else what we're doing. BTW... RP as in Role Play... as in "I get my witches hat and robes" not "I can feel your breath on my whatsits" role play. Perv. LOL

1. Warrior has to wait until the servers are full and relaxed or until I have a partner for every quest until we leave the starting grounds.

2. Warlock or Mage is undecided at the moment. I know from first-hand experience that mage will be a flood because all the blogs and forums are about how OP fire mage used to be and how cool it was to PWN everything. Warlocks, however, are a fucking nightmare of management of bags. All day every minute of every day and one of the things I like about playing is being able to fish, cook, level professions and sell on the AH, so... an entire bag full of nothing but soul shards, sometimes more than one bag full is... yeah. I think I just decided here. Mage it is.

3. There are a number of professions, secondary professions and add-in things in the game. What I know is that every profession comes with a quest chain to specialize it, some of them are more of a PITA than others. Tailoring, while a PITA was not quite as awful as say, Blacksmithing. So Tailoring it shall be for the Mage (makes sense anyway, huh?) And her second one is going to be Herbalism on the way up and then switch to Enchanting or something else when she gets there. Maybe. She may stay forever a flower farmer for money. First Aid is necessary for a mage. Fishing is necessary for all players. Cooking is a question-mark. Mages make their own foods, but I actually wanna cook... so perhaps this becomes a not-Main Class thing like Warrior? The foods have some good buffs... and she'll fish her life away between things so... the list looks like this:
Tailoring - Mooncloth
Herbalism - maxed for money making
First Aid after Tailoring is maxed
Cooking after Fishing is maxed or sooner if I have a need

4. Her money makers are everything that isn't necessary to her own survival. The second and third characters are for money and bank building, the Main is always the one spending money and getting everything started. Because Cost is a HUGE FACTOR for all toons and characters and until the world economy settles it may be a hit-miss sort of joy and I'd rather each one be sufficient until the economy settles in and begins to make sense. And they're all gonna have to be frugal, saving and trying to make or barter for everything. Herbalism will make this pretty easy, really... because I know the rarer herbs needed for Alchemy already. And cooking.

5. My most familiarity actually follows a leveling path up through the Human lands to Duskwood, then out to STV and Tanaris and then back to Swamp of Sorrows and out through the Blasted Lands because it led to the content from BC... because that's not actually a thing I have no clue where I'm planning to level. I know these things: I hated Westfall, STV and the Steppes outside of Redridge the most of any leveling areas ever. Well, besides the spread out nightmare of Horde-side barrens and the consumed horrors of Plaguelands for a Human Warrior.

So now it's a matter of deciding Race, etc... and I honestly think this one has to be fluid because I want a Mage, a Warrior and a Warlock. There are SO MANY GNOME MAGES... and I love my Gnome mage! Would I rather a Warlock from the valley outside of Iron Forge instead? I don't know... the Warrior could even be a N'Elf, because I adore their jumps and stuff... and she has to move to wherever Alex will be leveling, so it makes sense to wait and see where he'll be and then pick a race. For sure there will be a Human and a Gnome... I'm flexible. I just wont be leveling in the N'Elf grounds unless Alex does, and I'm certain he wont. I believe he will have a Dwarf Pally and a N'Elf Hunter at some point later.

We shall see. There's also the eventual joining of a Guild or forming of one. I haven't decided. I don't even know the cost... because Cost shall be a huge factor in lots of things. Would I rather get Yayifications out there and doing things even if they're very small things right from the start or would I rather just hop from guild to guild until I find a home and go from there? Hard choice.

And now... names... I know which ones I kinda want, and it'll be a race.

Warrior: I am leaning to Gruffydd and Aella. Holle (means frozen north, root of hell), Aella (means whirlwind), Adira (warrior), Gruffydd (means head warrior)
Mage: Aidan (little firey one) or Frenzy (name of a mage from one of my stories)
Warlock: I am seriously leaning to Hunda and Hadrian. Hunda (bringer of pain and torture), Maura (death), Harmony (bringer of harm) and Hadrian (death and destruction)

LOL I think I picked based on availability.
That's Warrior Gruffydd said Griffith or Aella meaning whirlwind.
Mage Aidan or Frenzy.
Warlock Hadrian or Hunda.

And I'll pick the races and save before I start and if it comes to it I can always delete and create new on the day of starting them because the name is held by holding it.

12 May 2019

So... I left that "awesome new guild" EDIT 6/30/19

Here's why I left the guild I gave a go to... I've moved Sweets and Zooker back to Baelgun, I've left poor Alex and the entire Belego-crew over on an overcrowded server and I'm done even looking for another guild or group to play WoW with because I just hate it. I'm tired of all the crap.

1. mandatory participation in all guild meetings - regardless of life conflicts or relevance
2. mandatory participation in discord including not being allowed to be in private channels or build clusters or groups of friends because this guts social guilds
3. refusal to cut rude, abusive and inappropriate players because they were necessary to the raid groups
4. I felt completely disconnected and even directly discriminated against or treated poorly without any representation on the few times I tried to do guild social events.

So... to cover these things very briefly because I really don't care anymore, it's been a long time.

Social guilds require socialization and most people can't do that in a mandatory meeting or group activity where they're competing. The GM insisted he had been in the game since the beginning and that he knew what a social guild was, and on paper it sounded absolutely amazing.

In application this social guild was a classroom of unruly 20-30 year olds being managed by strict policies and rules and otherwise being allowed to run wild so long as they weren't interrupting the core officer's fun and enjoyment of the game.

Requiring people to always be in a voice channel dominated by a couple of loud and bossy and rude individuals who regularly snapped at new players was disconcerting and so awful that I started avoiding the game because I just couldn't take being told off for "interrupting" when I asked a question in the barest of seconds between speakers and worse, the fact that we weren't allowed to bond socially together in smaller groups meant that we were really all just employees in a special sort of guild where people could abuse us or treat us poorly and if they had good numbers in the raid or were commonly heard chatting in the discord channel nothing would be done because they were important to the social aspect or raiding aspects of the guild.

So... as a person who has always been in social guilds I walked away because this was clearly never going to be a place for me.

Not even a loss. I'm pretty sure my friend who recruited me will be there and love it there and continue to enjoy it. I know he'll never play Classic with me. And that's where I'm going to go. Because I'm just fed the fuck up with an entire world full of "give it to me easy and quick and huge or I'm going home" players, and that's really how I see the current game-play of WoW.

And I think that's why I keep leaving the new expansions. The whole game seems to have fractured with the advent of solo leveling and phased leveling grounds in the Lich King and has never been cohesive or worth playing since, even though I've tried. Gods know I've tried.

WoW used to be about playing together. Needing each other. This sort of social guild is taking over in the game and I just can't stand it. It used to matter if you were polite and fun to play with as much as it mattered what you knew and what you brought to the group. Now you can be a complete asshole who trolls /trade like a trogg as long as you're only a few minutes late to the raid and rock the most current cookie cutter build while drinking potions someone else supplied and eating foods someone else prepared.

Oh... and I'll say again one more time... SOCIAL AND RAID DON'T ACTUALLY WORK IN A GUILD!!! One or the other gets kicked in the teeth at some point. It used to work... and seems to be another thing that died somewhere during Lich King.

EDIT: 6/30/19
Guess I'm not as over it all as I thought... I just found out that the old guild ate itself and the remains have transferred to another server. So perhaps my gut is better than I give myself credit for after all. I actually feel bad for my friend. I managed to blow up two guilds around him and run away both times because the game was failing to make me want to stay through the crap... and then this time I couldn't even engage when it wasn't my guild wasn't my monkies... :( And I just wanna say IT WAS THE GIRLS I HATED THAT WERE IN THE MIDDLE... I don't know this, I just kinda know this. Damnit. Even if you outlaw cliques they still form... usually in the management who can hop out and be alone alot... they still form.

26 November 2018

Sweets Has Peeled Off Again

I know... I know... I said I wouldn't do it. And I should have learned by now that any time I say I wont do a thing with that much conviction I'm waiting for someone else to prove me wrong. LOL It's like an internal dare... "Challenge accepted!" I hear myself say.

Well... Dalaran, US is FULL and terribly so. I've actually had login screens that waited awhile already and there's been no new content.

Lions Guard, Dalaran, US

I'm  hard leveling her 102-120 and just sort of DYING to get to 110 and away from the Legion content.

Lets recap. Because I just interviewed for a social casual raiding guild and was a little let down that these questions weren't asked.

Toons on my roster:
Julienne, Fury Warrior name changed to Allumette on Baelgun -- Uldaman, Cenarius, Uldaman, Baelgun
Bazooka, Fire Mage -- Uldaman, Baelgun
Kilijan, Destruction Warlock -- Uldaman, Baelgun
Holle, Unholy DK -- Akama, Akama Horde, Uldaman Horde, Baelgun Alliance
NowYaDont, Combat (Outlaw) Rogue -- Baelgun
Julz, Fury Warrior name was Julienne and necessitated name change of my main which has since been corrected -- Baelgun only
Synnedagain, Retribution Paladin -- Farstriders Horde, Baelgun Alliance
Havwemet, Shadow Priest -- Baelgun only
Sigvorth, un-specified Monk -- Baelgun only
Freyaschild, Beastmastry Hunter -- Farstriders Horde, Baelgun Horde, Baelgun Alliance
Sweetassyn, Arms Warrior now rocking Fury for awhile -- Akama, Akama Horde, Uldaman Alliance, Baelgun, Dalaran

Akama = PVP server
Baelgun = PVE server
Cenarius = PVE server
Dalaran = combined PVE server, which I believe they all are, now... with the advent of WarMode
Farstriders = RP server
Uldaman = PVE server

I've played since 9-4-2012. All of them combined have played 313 days as of today's count, and don't include deleted characters, of which there are very many. Every faction change or server change represents money spent to consolidate characters, escape shitty situations or otherwise try something new. Remember, before Cataclysm we couldn't chat across the servers and so if you wanted to play with a friend you had to be on the same server with that friend. We're talking probably close to $2,000 and a whole lot more if you count expansion costs, monthly fees and all the pets and mounts that could be purchased, not to mention paying for other people's moves (that friend thing again) and faction changes and pets and mounts as gifts and guildie time codes etc...

Also: I sat there gobsmacked while the GM "interviewed" me by telling me that they play games, they do PVP and RP things and also do runs together. They gather together etc... and I so badly wanted to talk about the games we'd created and that we hosted... and it just never really fit in. We played Hide and Seek all over the world, we raced around the world with SUPER low level characters in Death Races to see if a group of high level toons could work together to keep a lowbie alive. We had costume parties and photo shoots and made guild calendars that were printed and shared to the whole guild as gifts. We had trivia and even created separate chat channels for it so we could play the whole time we were "playing" the main game. We played Naked PvP to teach people how to get over feeling like everything was always gear and instead to just have fun. I have been an officer or creator of almost every guild I've ever been in because I love playing the game like a whole complete world inside of our own world.

I started the game on Uldaman, US because my friend Mike played the game there.  At that time that's how the game was played. I made Julienne and shortly thereafter I created Kilijan and then for the Lich King expansion I created Anubusson, a DK who has since been deleted. On Farstriders, US server where we kept our Horde side toons I started Freyaschild and Synnedagain. Then my friend Jake convinced me to come play on Akama, US, a PVP server... in part because I had been told on both of the other server types that it was VERY hard and that I probably couldn't level, I started another warrior. There SweetAsSyn was born and soon joined by Holle, my Blood DK. By the end of BC I was raiding a little bit and I developed a serious taste for it. By the end of the LK expansion I'd learned what it meant to grow towards raiding as a goal and what it was like to be excluded because I wasn't the best, and the damage done by having a tight-knit group with the knowledge and an agenda towards building a 10 man raid group that excluded others regardless of ability.

I learned that the play-style actually DID affect the way that you see the world, the way that you interact with the other players and in some really important ways can really affect the way you relate to your characters. And most importantly I learned that having a tight-knit group of friends that you play with is what addicted me to the game, and never reclaiming them or having them reliably again is what has allowed me to walk away so many times. Because if there's no one else there to care, or to work for it WITH then who cares? LFR might be a great tool... and it's only a tool full of tools. I hate it in all the ways that I hate most of the other grouping tools. I like tanks who pay attention and who don't skip and run through and put us all at risk of accidentally not meeting their requirements of skipping half of the content just because they're lazy. I hate lazy players of all types. And LFR and LFG has destroyed the idea that a group goes in and carefully clears the dungeon like they're playing a table top game that's gone 3D and fully interactive! LOL

I learned that some types of guilds are incompatible with other types of guilds. And no matter how many times or places I moved or tried to convince the new leadership of this I was argued with or told that "they could do it when others couldn't" and while I hold myself accountable to stopping playing at the end of Cata, at the end of Pandaria, at the beginning of Draenor, and again in the middle of Legion I really can't blame myself for everything... the fact that at each point the raiding became a thing that I couldn't do because of proving grounds is on Blizzard and I'll hate them forever for it because I STILL fear things like them as the gates they really were and are because I'm just not going to be good enough in all the ways to get my pantheon of characters through all the trials and that meant that I couldn't play my main in two expansions. And the guild and constant in-fighting and struggling to get things together and the unfair weight placed on too many individuals INDIVIDUALLY was just too fucking much. So at the end of Legion I left the game after going into a guild of me myself and Jon and that's where I've stayed.

And here we are in BFA... and so far so good. I really love it. I have a bunch of 120's with no experience in dungeons or raids because my ego is squashed... I'm afraid of that wall that I wont be able to overcome that keeps me from being able to play one or more of them and so I haven't gone looking for it in an attempt to keep playing and prove to myself that I can both like the expansion AND play in it for longer than the first 9 or 10 months. LOL

And then Jake finds a really good guild. And he wont quit telling me about it. Pressuring me about it. A guild that seems to understand the rules of engagement AND knows that to keep it social it can only ever be casual raiding, it cannot be a hardcore raiding or anything else guild. I feel the pressure in the Discord channel already... lots of the hardcore raiders are drifting in and we'll have to see if they can drift back out gracefully or if they find a home there anyway and are just held in check by the leadership. And I'm afraid of letting anyone be my tank because if they're lazy I'm going to cry. The first time they leave half of a room under a godsdamned ledge where we have to be able to tightrope walk down a hedge and through the patting mobs in order to get where they're taking us so that it becomes OUR fault that the whole group died my mouth is going to say things that I wont be able to take back. (No, really, this is THE THING now... skipping content by cutting walls, climbing rocks and sliding down the other side and trying like hell not to aggro shit... rather than just taking 10 seconds and KILLING THEM. I will admit to walking face first into these situations sometimes accidentally and sometimes "oops" on purpose because, well, once you've done it accidentally it's clear that someone is going to accidentally again or you can just do it on purpose so it's done.)

So... I know I said I wouldn't, and honestly I'm not planning on taking Kil or Julienne anywhere... Bazooka COULD go, I just think it would frankly be easier to build another mage and boost it than to mess with moving a toon so integral to the world I've built in the quiet place on Baelgun. Right now they have compatible professions to save me some cash and have all built their reputations and "/trade personalities." LOL Annnddd... Bazooka only costs $50 if it's a failed experiment AND she's already leveled... so... kinda thinking about it hardcore. (and if Alex doesn't move Laleigha then we still have an enchanter... *snort*)

And I'm doing an experiment that might hurt. But it will only hurt so much that I have to pull Sweets back for another $25 and plug her back into my own guild quietly and calmly and without lamentation. Because Blizzard changed the focus of the game forever when they introduced the idea of solo leveling and LFG and LFR and all of the tools that have made it better for a new generation and so frustrating for the old one. Terry still can't love the game because there are always dungeons required in the zones and in the professions and he simply cannot PUG in, it's been too awful of an experience for him. I don't even know if I can... I've had such a rough time of it of late that I called the tank an asshole and left a group after he held me accountable for a mistake someone else was making... and insinuated that no RANDO could ever do what he could do because "raid guild." I wanted to say that the biggest douche bags in the game are all in raid guilds and that the best players I've ever played with were all met as randos, and that was almost a decade ago now... so probably no longer even true.

So we shall see. LMAO in 313 days of playing and being the raid leader AND the tank, and just the raid leader... from being the GM and just a guildie... from being asked my opinion and being actually heard AND understood to being asked my opinion as a frame of politeness and being ignored from the moment I started answering... social guilds that were destroyed by raiding, social guilds that were only social, raiding as a PUG and being really good at it to now being afraid to PUG entirely because I don't feel confident after two expansions that pretty much told me I wasn't good enough... yeah. We shall see. I am hopeful and I really want it to work and those are both really good things in a "we shall see" scenario, at least for me.

26 September 2018

A First Time for Everything...

So, since I started raiding at the tail end of BC in WoW I have had online guides and "experts" I could go to and ask for help. In LK I actually FOUND the number one Fury warrior in the US and messaged him and asked him for help. I also approached the number one on my server (at that time I was on Uldaman, US) and found that his help was more attentive and thorough (he showed up and actually stood at a target dummy in a party with me and watched my numbers and the recount data... he was VERY helpful.) I learned a lot about my specialization and I learned a lot about other players and the people who also love being Fury warriors.

As time has gone on the same ranking out and complaining about Fury warriors has gone on with each new expansion. We're clumsy, nit-picky rotations, not reliable... blah blah blah. Until Draenor I was able to find an expert for help when I got stuck, find guides and otherwise managed to find the information I needed online. In Draenor I was defeated by the "trials" that held me in a place where I couldn't get into the raids to get the gear I needed and didn't have the time to dedicate to farming all alone without them. I got stuck at the third level and finally quit.

Hilariously, the same thing had happened to me in Pandaria. So two expansions where raids were utterly denied me by an in-game mechanic that had nothing to do with how well I could play or with my raid awareness but just with my ability to follow a scripted and BS test of my skills in order to progress.

I was hesitant in Legion because I was afraid the same thing would happen to me. It didn't. There was almost too much choice in the tree on my weapon... and it led to places where I spent a lot of time online figuring out "the best" way to spec my weapon for the best DPS and power out of the gate between leveling and dungeoning or raiding. And the damned "tests" were gone. WOOOT!

I came back to Battle for Azeroth and discovered that my weapons I'd spent so much time researching and learning to use and spec and make the most useful things ever were gone. Retired. Gray letter pieces of junk to be replaced with the first decent drop I could find.

And a new tree... a new tree that I could actually sort of understand. (I say this because of what's coming, not because of how I feel... bear with me.) For three expansions my warrior sat almost shelved because I just couldn't manage to pull her DPS out of a funk, figure out the right balance of gear and stats and spec so that she'd be as awesome as she used to be. For three expansions I pulled my warlock and my mage and other "secondary" characters out of the dust and mothballs and parked my main "almost but not quite finished." And now I can get her all the way up, I can crank her DPS and I can manage to get her powerfully geared and outfitted using tools in the game that aren't gated away from me or made difficult to impossible to achieve. And she has a talent tree I understand, sort of.

See... I still can't figure out my damned stats. I change one piece of gear and the beastly DPS craters and I'm up a creek. I haven't done the "call a friendly expert" thing yet because of this... below are what the experts employed by each of the top three "help" sites recommend for my stat priority based on the same weights and numbers for each of the 5 primary statistics every character uses. THE SAME NUMBERS, NOTE THIS IMPORTANT THING:

Noxxic: Strength>Critical Strike>Haste>Versatility>Mastery
Icy Veins: Strength-Haste-Mastery-Versatility-Critical Strike
WoWHead: Haste>Strength>=Critical Strike>Mastery>Versatility

Even the experts don't agree. Not even a little bit. I have been following Noxxic because I follow the logic of the build, and because my specialization and talents don't exactly match I may want to go see if there's something closer to my build somewhere else and match my stats more closely to theirs.

Or maybe I should just screw with it for myself and publish my OWN specialization, talents and stat priorities here and give good reasons why.

There's a first time for everything, and it's just entirely possible that WoW has managed to create a game where the experts can't be right about everything, just right about what works for them. And that means we can all be experts. Right? LMAO

OMG... I'm too tired for this today. Right now Julienne isn't doing the same numbers she was three days ago... and they're still really good so I'm not going to mess with it yet. I'll keep gathering gear first. I mean... we can't be all right or all wrong... so the answer is somewhere in all these conflicting expert guides. I hope.

I'll leave you with a screen cap of the placement of Bazooka in the new PvE (means no actual players killing players going on) Warfronts. Where she has much more reliable DPS and comes in high on the data because she's able to hang on for dear life and whack the crap out of stuff. LOL

04 September 2018

BtWQuests, TomTom and Trial of Style

I play WoW... that means lots of different things happened this week. 
I hope your week was also awesome and eventful. 
Quick review of a couple of addon's.
Dead... in many different places.

BtWQuests - excellent at helping you find your way through quest chains. I love this!
TomTom - excellent at helping you find those quest chains, and your dead self. Less in love with this. LOL

This is what one of the armor sets (I don't have the tusk shoulders in red yet) looks like in the Battle for Azeroth expansion. How many Trolls did we have to scalp for this headdress?! 
(I know they're feathers.)

Trial of Style - Sept 2018
Kilijan and Julienne won 1st Prize
1. anyone can enter, you just need patterns in your transmog sets and/or gear and white letter items to put on with and in place of your armor. The transmogrifer will save your sets, so you can be as creative and clever as you want to be and then just switch it up in the competition.
2. transmogs are free during the event. you can play often and still save your hard-earned gold.
3. shirts are account wide and can only be applied if your character was wearing a shirt to begin with.
4. tabards are account wide and can only be applied if your character was wearing one to begin with.
5. groups can go in together. it's a really fun way to kill 10 minutes!
6. in case you're blonde like me, the arrows on the vote screen allow you to toggle between the two contestants on the stage so you can vote with sincerity.

I got this one for Julienne because LOOK at it! :D
This look is saved as NotAPally

20 August 2018

Before the launch of each expac...

first, I left all the drama in this blog because I feel like transparency is honesty.
08/20/2018 1 week post expac launch, almost to the hour... Julienne is 120

So... before the launch of each expac since the Lich King, which I was too new to appreciate I have walked the streets of Stormwind in WALK (that's / on the number pad) and just kind of thought about the game. And actually, it's possible that I do this BECAUSE of the Lich King, as we got our warrior King back and since then it has been like that first night racing up and going to see! Anyway... if you don't know, his end was sad and painful some years later.

I start at the front gates from Goldshire and I walk in through the town, up through old town and where the original garrisons were and now there's a whole area, then around and up to the palace and in and around, then down into the Dwarven district and across the bridge to visit the church and the graveyard and then down through the park and up into the Mage's district before ending at the bank that will always be Julienne's bank. LOL

It started as an RP ritual... something to do as a little bit of role-play before Julienne heads out on her next great adventure. And starting with the first time it was also a reliving of every weird and fun and hilarious and stressful situation she's had (translate: I have had) on those streets. From falling in the canal the first time I was there (Uldaman server) and freaking out to protecting her fine streets from vandals in the form of plagued monsters who insisted on coming in and ruining the city for us all (Uldaman) and sitting waiting for Jimmy to get Myrrdin to Stormwind because we were going fishing (Akama) and all of the other fun things. Blasting the city with smoke bombs with Renaissance guild, playing hide and seek (Uldaman and Baelgun) and other games in town. Respeccing Julienne for the first time and spending 100's in gold all of a sudden and seemingly for no reason only to have the LK expansion make it unnecessary to have done it at all. Oh... and leveling Inscription... all of it on the steps of Julienne's Bank and the auction house.

What's important is that none of the things that made me leave guilds comes up. I have a deep sadness in me that so many of the guilds that I have been a part of weren't home. And I have a tremendous happiness that the game is still a place I like.

In fact... I really like it for the first time in a long time. I saw an interview that the developers interviewed a real lot of players who'd left the game, read our comments when we ended subscriptions and talked to the real WoW stars of all time to find out why we weren't playing, what they could do and where it could go. And this is what we got. It's awesome! Rebalanced in a way I feel is playable for Julienne, and for my baby mage who stalled in Legion because it was so poorly done... a world to explore that we kind of know... a system that makes sense and the same WoW art and world that we have always adored. At least I have. And my main has her name back... her sad replacement is the auctioneer and is now Julz.
the first two girls through the adventure... Julienne and Bazooka
So... Yayifications is still a guild only for friends. For people I've known a few years and care about and trust. No more raid guild bullshit. No more assholes I don't like in my guild. This is where I will play alone until more people join me. And I love it. LOL Pst me in the game or on Facebook or wherever if you wanna join.

27 October 2016

An Open Letter To Renaissance

I joined Renaissance in the middle of the Cata expansion and at that time I was leaving a hardcore guild looking for a more social and casual one. I actually interviewed Okeret asking him a number of questions about the environment and members before asking him if I could join the guild because I wanted to find a good fit in a social and fun and friendly group of people who liked to play WoW.

After I left my old guild a number of the more social and less hardcore members followed me to Renaissance. For the first few months things were awesome. I talked my real life friends (including your current GM) and family into joining me on Baelgun in Renaissance and became an officer in the guild because I believed I had found the guild I'd been seeking.

With the release of Pandaria came a focus on growing the guild and adding more raiders as well as more casual players. At that time I was very clear in the officer's meeting that I thought we needed to identify the type of guild we wanted to be because a rift occurs in a social guild when raiders start coming in. I was concerned that we needed a clear vision before we recruited so that we didn't accidentally bring in players who would not fit in with our more casual existing membership. I was told not to worry about it and was given tasks to do to help recruitment, make the guild more social and keep everyone as happy-go-lucky as they had been just a few months earlier.

I met a lot of resistance in officer's meetings and in the guild from new and returning founding members of the guild. I also really wasn't in love with the content. I felt like we were going in a bad direction in the guild and like I was contributing to making Renaissance a place I really didn't want to stay. I drifted away and quit playing rather than keep doing a thing I didn't believe would work or leaving the guild I'd talked my friends and family into joining with me.

With the release of Draenor I returned. Okeret had let me remain an officer and again the focus of our first officer's meeting was an effort to grow the guild. I talked to other officers and again tried to explain that I felt like we needed an identity for the guild before we could recruit for new members. I felt like I was treated like I was borrowing trouble and that because I'd left and hadn't been helping in the guild during the time I was gone I didn't really know what I was talking about or have any say in where we were going or what we would be doing. I also really didn't like some of the changes in the expansion and was being shot down or treated poorly in guild chat when I asked for help. As the tension in the guild and in the officer's meetings continued to grow and my enjoyment of playing the game diminished I left again. This time entirely. I didn't even pay my subscription fees. I quit WoW. I honestly and truthfully had no intention of returning.

And I REALLY missed the game.

When this new expansion came out I returned and discovered that the guild was even quieter and more distant. It had become a guild of players with their heads down and their eyes on personal quiet little prizes that mattered to them. I got feedback almost immediately that I had been really missed and that my positive and social attitude had been lacking. I was asked by the new leadership of the guild to step up and bring the social back to a guild that was hurting for it. 

When Anpu asked me to become the social heart of the guild I was VERY clear that Renaissance is NOT a social guild... it has not been a social guild since the end of the Cata expansion. Renaissance is a quiet place for familiar people to do their own things with other people doing their own things, occasionally with other people who need the same thing, and still mostly alone. I was begged please to step up and try to bring back the heart of a fun guild.

I tried, I really did. 

I met constant and very vocal resistance or interference from the same individuals who had been the issue before and had no interest from the guild in anything remotely social. I posted 5 events to the guild calendar and even the other officers were unable or disinterested in attending. It was clear to me that the guild was happy the way it was and that trying to change it was only going to cause problems.

I took a look at things and realized I'd spent more time not playing than playing since I'd joined the guild because I didn't even like it anymore. I also realized that this time I like the expansion enough that I have no intention of leaving the game so I quit the damned guild like I should have done a long time ago.

My boyfriend Jon and I turned a bank alt guild into Yayifications, a *Casual Adult Social Guild. This is a guild for friends and family and stands for the things we want it to stand for. I miss some of you too much not to invite you to come and play with us.
So all of that to get here... 

If you would like to join Yayifications and play because we're friends and we want to play together then please go to our link (click the word Yayifications above) and read the information on the front page of the guild page and the note from the GM. If I shared this link with you myself you will become a member of the guild immediately because you're already a friend and I miss playing with you. If this has been passed to you, please apply and note who you know in the guild for an invite.

And remember, Yayifications isn't a Progression Guild or a Raiding Guild or a PvP guild or any of the other types of guild... we're just a group of friends and family who play WoW.

I miss ya, a lot. Even if you don't want to join Yayifications I'd still like to play with you so please message me on RealID.


Casual = Maybe you played WoW today, maybe you played something else or had a life. You're still a friend so you're still in the guild. Haven't seen me in awhile? Call me or message me in real life, you know I'll do the same with you.
Adult = Members are old enough to vote and use adult language and decision making skills - this isn't an invitation for adult content. 
Social = We are in a guild to play together, not because we're forced to interact with others in order to get to our end-game goals. I must add that this doesn't mean every time we're online we're doing a thing together, it means that when we are playing together it's because we want to be not because we have to be or are in some weird way obligated to be. 
Guild = Another word for a club, group, or society. A group of people who have joined together in pursuit of a common interest.