20 November 2012

Jon bought me Rift again...

Storm Legion... omg

every bit as beautiful and amazing as Rift has always been... every bit as addictive and almost tediously alien as it has ever been...

We can cook and fish and sew tents and sleeping bags now... and we can eat foods that animate like you're eating foods. This is squid, I believe.

The wardrobe now allows a player the freedom to wear any type of armor as a skin over their real armor. This outfit Alex made for me has been in my bank in the wishful hopeful desire that Trion would listen where Blizzard has not and would allow us more customization and freedom with our looks in a game where some of the most beautiful and dangerous NPC's all wear incredibly lovely armor that is next to nothing.

Tulan is a beautiful place full of lovely new and familiar flora and fauna...

With breathtaking backdrops...

And astounding new artwork and scenery... the building here is massive... and nothing compared to the NEW city we discover and use as a base... Meridian would fit in the courtyard of this ancient civilization that the Telaran's have known about and have known were all but extinct until the danger of  Crucia recruiting there brought us to the shores of these foreign and still... pretty familiar lands.

Their technology is very advanced, like the Ethian technology lost so long ago in the Mathosian history that we've learned so far in Rift. I'll get some pictures of the devices and robots later.

My cat now looks more like Sid Vicious than like he used to, so his name is different now. He is Mau and he is lovely if not... well... as pretty as he used to be when he was purple and blue and looked like he should have come from the clouds.

There are new monsters to kill and honestly, this capture does him NO justice. This is one UGLY BEAR!

Julienne is now a Pathfinder when she has her pet, a Storm Warrior when she is using her new soul tree and is a Paragon (Death Bringer? I can't remember now) in her third. It took me hours of playing to respec and rework her bars and attacks so that she doesn't die as soon as she attacks things.

2.5 bubbles into level 50... it's a brave new world!

Trion could teach Blizzard a thing or two... and I hope that both Blizzard AND Trion are teaching Bethesda a thing or ten before we get the Elder Scrolls MMO...

Kilijan is in Pandaria...

First... from my most favorite place in the whole Cataclysm expansion...

Warlock on a dark horse... those glowing orbs are the power of earth fire and air, if I remember correctly only a couple of days later. lol

She's on her way to Uldum in these shots, I just love the colors and the backdrops and everything about Deepholm, including the fact that everything in the whole area is phased and precludes leveling with anyone you didn't START leveling with... lol. I know what that says about me, it's also true. :)

And in Pandaria Kilijan is progressing much more logically and with much more dedication than Allumette or Julienne have done. Allumette is 88 and just got out of the starting zone, Julienne has only done a few quests and has otherwise just farmed because I wanted to meander a bit with her.

There is a quest chain where you go to a pagoda, you see a vision of a Wolf and Prince Anduin and the Prince tells the wolf that he has much to learn in Pandaria and that he is not ready to return home just yet and then he casts a spell and the Wolf becomes King Varian.

This isn't a spoilit because I haven't done it yet, I've just read the lore and know the stories... I believe that in the answer to the way the Pandaren have lived for centuries in a land easily fed by negativity and strong emotion is the answer to the Varian as Lo'Gosh vs. just King Varian dilemma for his son. I can't wait to find out if my guess is right. I hope for the last 10 levels that Azeroth will learn moderation and control and that we will learn to work together... and as a player... well... it IS World of Warcraft, not World of Best Friends Forever.

So this wacky Pandaren takes you under his wing and is working to help you learn the meaning behind the vision you had of the "white pawn" and his father/a giant wolf.

He sends you on a mission to collect some supplies for a brew and then you must stay focused while he distracts you by beating you about the head, gonging a huge gong and otherwise anything he can think of to break your concentration.

And your reward for your dedicated concentration - in the form of a game you have to use the < and > arrows for - is that you will see another vision, this time of Anduin and you will gain information about where he is.

And once you've seen the answer it is your duty to return him to the Admiral and get him safely home where his father is worried almost insane for his safety.


Or so Varian would prefer. HaHaHa

The Prince who was Regent King in his father's absence isn't exactly... well... a little boy who does what he's told to do.