24 April 2012

forever and ever... amen

or until next time... lol

Ruth's Official Rolez in Raidz
with help from Mazikeen and friends

and some funnies just to remind us all that there's a million and one ways to do it all wrong and fewer to get it right every time!
Aggro is mine! The Tank Song.
Learn To Heal! OMG WTF... HELP HELP HEAL ME... lol
Rollin' Out The Deeps! You know we had this fight in hand but we failed it 'cause of me.

and in case you're in the place where I live of late... Don't Let the 'Tards Get You Down

"Spamming the trade channel begging for gold... leaving your pick-ups and stealing your loot... passive in battlegrounds and camping your corpse... 'I will not move when flame wreath is cast!'... They can't be avoided, they never will change. Don't let the 'tards get you down." Thoryana... where oh where did you go? Did you let them get you down?

Thank you Mazikeen, General of Telara and the many who helped with your original post. (click here)
Thank you also to the many fantastic players and fans of the MMOs we all play for creating and taking so many lovely pictures for us to use. You're amazing!
And because we forget to be grateful sometimes for the lessons along the way, good and not so good alike:
Thank you to all the raiders from Decadence, Inc. who came in and looted then left without teaching and imparted some wisdom on your way out over your shoulders as an afterthought. I learned more from this than you could ever know.
Thanks to all the raiders from Akama who taught so often by example, and not all of them good, and to all the raiders from Uldaman, Cenarius and Baelgun who have continued to cement what I already knew.
Thank you Joan and Lexi and Yitz for imparting what you would and could along the way, yours turned out to be the greatest lessons of them all.
Thank you to the greatest raiders in all the world leading guilds for setting the bar and giving those of us in the trenches hope that someday we will also find others of your greatness and succeed as you have done.
Thank you to my friends and the peeps who put up with me being so frustrated sometimes because without you in your many ways I wouldn't want this thing sooooo sooooo much!

in case anyone else thought I was alone out here...

from the rift forums  (click the link for the article)

Seems clear, concise... precise. 
Also should all be common sense.
Guess what this means?
It's not just my opinion anymore. I'm a good tank. Better than average.
And if you're a dumbass you're gonna die.
peace... blah... you know the rest. for the record, I can't knit anyway.

so... today and tomorrow...

Cam and Allu are leading raids...

and ruths raid rulez DO apply. I asked Cam to step up and be the gal in charge of making sure I don't mow someone over and I'mma do what I do... I'mma push forward.

the post of the event says what it needs to say: we're gonna build the group at 20 after, and I'mma be in trade and realID (with friends on other servers ALSO in trade) by 15 after filling spots not already requested by guildies who answered the calendar invite, so if you wanted a place then ask for it early or it's gonna be filled.

see, I was talking to some friends last night and some things became clear.

1. I'm not the only one who is not a fan of the newest rising rock stars in the guild.

2. I'm not the only one who feels like the alt-swapping has become a sickness.

3. This is not different than any other pre-expansion blah... not really.
I was buffered from it with LK because I was still leveling to 70, and I felt it so strongly pre-cata that I left my server and my friends and joined a guild I hated to get done what I wanted to be doing. This time I'm steadfastly holding my ground and working within the system to have what I want.

See, some other things became clear to me when I tried to talk to our guild leader. He will never "hear" and "comprehend" me. Like a large percentage of the people in the world who have, will have or have had authority over me my new guild leader really has no clue who or what I am and never will no matter what I try to do or say to the contrary... and as much as I'd like to clarify it or fix the misunderstandings, I can't be bothered. He's been invited here, he doesn't care. He's had things from here quoted to him, he wasn't listening with his hearing ears, he was listening with his attend until I get to talk ears instead.

I'm not the sort to listen for my turn to talk... I hear what is said and I work to understand it. I'm also not unaware of the way they have built their guild. I do happen to see it a little less fondly and a lot more clearly than I believe THEY do, and still... I'm a happy member of this sort of ode to dysfunctional and broken people, so... maybe I am one, too. I don't have to play like one. I also don't have to play with them. They're not playing with me, why should I extend the invite the other way? Nothing in the guild rules says I have to and I'm certainly not going to make ruths rulez to make me do it.

From what is said to me and about me when I'm not around the feedback is that I'm a hardcore raider who doesn't understand that this is a casual guild of friends. I'm being cruel or placing unusually hard expectations on people and I'm not really a good fit. I actually tell guildies to send me a list of the glyphs they want in game mail and that I'll mail them back instead of dropping everything I'm doing and running right over to be helpful. I don't have to alt-hop a dozen times to get one thing done because, for the most part, I know where things are or I get the hop hop done quickly and efficiently because I find it rude to do that to folks who are waiting for me. I don't make people wait 30 minutes while I do something entirely self-involved because I'm so overplayed I don't realize it took me 30 minutes to go through the bags and banks of 10 alts in search of the one cool thing I wanted to send someone else or share with someone else or get to someone else who is making me something.

The whole guild is on Bele time... only... Alex wasn't really ever on Bele time, he just wasn't on Alassiel time so they started accusing him of Bele time when it was him they were waiting for and not the already prescribed "person who requires us to wait!"

I'm going to do an experiment. I'mma see what happens when Ruth does this. Just once. I'mma hop hop around and make people wait for me NOT while I go get flasks and come right back but instead while I go find out if I can get my baby warlock's level 30 (she's only level 7) transmog set from the AH... and I'm willing to bet I'll get ragged.

I have no reason TO make them wait, see... my children aren't in dire need of my constant attention... my dogs/pets/classes aren't dragging me down... my mom didn't drink too much and treat me like trash... my dad didn't leave my family broke and worried about food and shelter 20 years ago for 2 weeks... so I'll get ragged for taking too long or they'll start going without me because "some people might get tired of waiting."

The same way that everyone ragged Bele for his delays in showing up sometimes and always just accepted that other member's reasons for taking a few extra minutes out of every 30 was necessary.

(I'll give you a hint if you're reading, folks... no matter what else you can say about them: no one is that elite or worth waiting for 5 minutes out of every 30. The minute that you believe they are is when you're done for and will have to wait every time forever.)

SO... tonight is Firelands 10reg... boring to everyone on the server and likely harder to fill and that depresses me for 2 reasons.

Firstly, Firelands is actually the superior raid for difficulty and variance of fights from trash through the last boss it's not a place to screw up - though post nerfing for the whiners and now that all of us slightly outgear it... well... yeah. Less hard.

And also because Blizz did it again... they took an awesome raid and turned it into an easily skipped gearing opportunity for another raid. Poor Ulduar. Poor Firelands. The real world "back story" is swallowed by the omni-present bad dude of the moment having an epic emo-flail. (Wait... yell at me later... look up the backstory to Ulduar and then look up the story to Arthas and do the same with Firelands and taking out Deathwing... umm... it's cookie cutter Blizz, unfortunately.)

Tomorrow is DS 10reg... less boring because all the best in slot are in DS of different difficulty (except our backs... Blizz? token reminder that token gear is kewl, perhaps?) Less boring because there's a big bad guy we've been hearing about since the start involved. Less boring because we've been doing the easy-mode fights for months in LFR anyway.

I will not hold spots. I will not be blinded by fandom or supposed rock stars. Fun will be had, damnit. Fun will be had by all... OR ELSE.


pics and recap tomorrow... hopefully. hey... there's 100g of my own money on the line and 2 questions with money and prizes. and I'm a bitch because we have a joking fun good time and do dorky geeky fun things... oh wait, no, I'm a bitch because I want them to 1. express an interest in their own direction and 2. show up on time.

wooot to me and being a bitch... 'cause I'm not changing now. Know your job, do your job and know all the ways that you can be better than your job... or you're gonna know you're letting us down.

peace... and if not peaceful then kill 'em all and let their gods sort them out... this is world of warcraft, not a knitting circle.