23 March 2012

firelands 25 - cenarius and HORNZ... finally...

LFR Tuesday night... as soon as dinner was done, so without the crazy waiting... finally high enough to be proud of. 2nd set of 4 not so much, and that's ok.

FL25reg with Ascendancy, Cenarius - that's
Allumette most recently of Underground Connection, Baelgun (formerly Allumette of Devils of the Alliance on Cenarius and Julienne of Decadence, Inc. - Uldaman, btw... if you're paying attention) and with his kitteh butt to us is Hornztheman-Decadence, Inc., Uldaman (formerly Hornztheman of Devils of the Alliance on Cenarius as well as a Tauren born on Akama btw.)

HEY BLIZZARD! I got a hint for you... are you listening? FREE SERVER TRANSFERS I mean for chrissakes... you're laying off folks with the most popular game in the world and the gold sellers have a guaranteed contract with you all in unspoken ways that you make their worlds work so much better... I'm sure my next rank of flying will be something stupidly expensive and painful and that all the gold buying little freaks playing the game will again encourage the illegal activities that hack accounts and push folks to crack your codes. Rift did it. You can do it. Come on... we wont break your bank.

I got some more... let us cross server queue any raid. Come on... really. I'll tell you something you refuse to accept because you're human with the rest of this flawed planet... no one gives a shit anymore about "loyalty" and "honor"... in an all on my own and only for me world your game has become miopic and selfish anyway... let us find the people we enjoy and run raids with other people... please? I can give a fuck if my GUILD progresses... honestly... MY progression, however, matters to me immensely. Let me run even Dragon Soul with people that I enjoy since you're gonna make me pay tons of cash to go do it the other way AND make me lose the rep in the guild I enjoy to get it.

Oh... and while I'm making unreasonable and entirely unobtainable demands... GIVE ME MY DAMNED WARDROBE FOR CHRISSAKES! You want me to keep all the event crap, old clothes and now also a TRANSMOG wardrobe in my bank and you're also putting me in a world economy where I have to spend 1000g for a bag that doesn't hold 1 stack of every ink you make me use as a scribe... so come on... WARDROBE... WARDROBE... WARDROBE... you gave us transmog and cold storage for some really high prices, really... give me a rolling wardrobe that only shows me the top 20 slots of a 60 slot bag so I have to dig through it like a girl... just gimme a place to store my things in my OWN bank where I PAID FOR THE SPACE already!


I'd also like the dungeon tool to include the ability to mark someone. I suggested this before. There are three sorts of players who make the gaming experience suck SO much that they just about destroy it for me.

1. I'mma tank this because I'mma dumbass and I'mma wipe you if you don't like it.
Lockdie - a warlock I just tried to run with is a prime example of this sort of dumbass. I asked him to stop, and because he refused and kept pulling I couldn't even vote to kick him. And you can't vote to kill them if they wipe you, either... can't kick dead players. So the asshats win. My options are to continue in a new to me dungeon and have him turn into the second or third sort of player in a rapid hurry... or drop and be flagged for dessertion. Thanks, Blizz. You suck. lol I'm plenty patient, what I'm not is some dumb bitch's babysitter for a fee to you all.

2. Hurry! Go! Make the pull! WTF Lameass heals! WTF Why did you let me die after I totally made that pull without the tank? Lameass tank! BRES me... I'm your only DPS in this dumb thing... etc. etc.
Blamers and dipshits who never shut up and never manage to be worth anything in the run except constant noise and ugliness, messy pulls and harassment. Honestly, I'd kick them all except there's so damned many of them that we'd be 2 and 3 manning dungeons all the time and that takes FOREVER.
We need a buff we can put on them... I still want the Orbiz (misspelled on purpose) buff - Dirty Mouth ... xxx stitches across their mouth and a ban on typing in chat that we all vote on... or better... silence them and give them a BUFF that everyone on their server or in their guild can see... Clean It Up "This player was voted to have a very dirty mouth."

3. MY warrior could do this backwards and naked. I could tank this on my hunter but I'm on my DK now so I can't do it. You should be using [insert spell here] every time cause your dps is lame. You're never gonna amount to anything if you don't go to [insert web site here] and cookie cutter your toon, this isn't a game for just guessing your way through your tree.
Again... constant noise and bullshit. My favorite is the one who gives all this advise and it's wrong. I love being told I should just use an attack that my spec doesn't have more than anything in the world. Even more than this I enjoy the dumbasses who will argue when you bother to correct them.
Knowitalls need a buff - BTDT - and we should be able to vote it onto them so everyone knows how brilliant and useful they really are. "This player already knows everything about every spec and is happy to share it with you at any time, no matter how inappropriate it may be."

I'm actually in a good mood, even if that doesn't appear to support the assertion. I just find that I'm in a struggle right now doing what I do love doing and trying to balance it with the things that chased me away from WoW. For every Tyrus in the game who will go out of his way to help out someone from another server out of pure kindness there is a shit like Lockdie of Nemesis who will make every part of what you're doing difficult and painful.

BUFFS Blizz... please. Something to embarrass and maybe even educate (could I be that optimistic and foolish?) the entitled shits who ruin our game.

ORBIZ - Dirty Mouth and BTDT* WE NEED THEM!!! lol

peace... and if not peaceful then make demands that make you feel better. xxoo

*BTDT = Been There Done That

20 March 2012

friends... and "shopping" list... lol

highest crafted shield

second highest
is a hard choice, really... between them.

Anpu, Smolderthorn... formerly Devils of the Alliance and Decadence, Inc. -- LOCK TANK!

Purisdreams -- pally Puris!

Love those shields... upgraded gear. First time tanking tonight... now... lol. ugh

come on and safari with me...

Julienne before she was Allumette...

Bele... 2 angles cause he's epic that way.

SweetAsSyn... surfin' now.

DK's do it harder... just ask Holle...

Anubus does it with style and sophistication... like everything else he does.

And new Julienne does it in plum lingerie because she's GOT this.

Harpoon Surfin' in Valgarde.

moar randomness... prot spec and pics...

Level 70 Julienne is Protection spec'd and questing to learn her rotation before she has to do it in a dungeon and hold against the mad dps seeking freaks from LFG.

15 levels. I can do this.


will do a post of all of us on the harpoon only because I have images of characters doing it that I no longer have or have contact with... so it could be fun to see.

Otherwise it's business as usual. I must get off my ass and find a job and I must spend some time with J that is not game related.

missing friends in WoW and missing friends IRL and really really missing my girls in Skyrim. I think maybe I need a break to that world.

18 March 2012

randomness on a rainy sunday morning

Julienne's Arms tree - "borrowed" from Draugdagnir, Uldaman

found her some shoes and shoulders. :)

So... tried the raid thing. Hornz croaked after trash... group changed shape literally 100 times... I was so burned 4 hours after I started that I gave up and went to bed.

I placed a "personal ad" on the forums... I think I'll start searching for top raid guilds in the US and start sending resume emails to them on their private email sites. I should have guessed the forums are no more intelligent than the fucking /trade trolls (and one of them is a troll, please note. omg) that make PUGing a raid so damned hard.

frustrated and actually feeling pretty good inside me... I think maybe I'm just going to keep beating my head against the wall that is wow's miopic and self-obsessed client base.

I need to talk to Puris... I have to level Julienne and I need her not "tied" to anyone else. She can have any other character I might create, but not this one and not for a million reasons, not the least of which is that I love Northrend and I love the content and I want it for myself without the Pally who will not be named so that I've marked every level in the game for me by me and with me only.

It needs to happen. She'll understand or she wont. I will continue to adore her either way.

Hey Herrim? MOVE TO JOIN US... lol. They may not be raiders but they're AWESOME peeps... almost as good as Decadence, Inc. was back in the day!

I have to find work anyway... it keeps me in shape to champion seemingly unwinnable fights for myself. :)

otherwise I'm just sorta introspective and mellow... I love the rain.