12 February 2012

gotta love WoW or hate it...

there's just no middle onnit.

long story short... first run all godsdamned day that went well and that I knew without hesitation. I ate it for breakfast and felt confident... Elfbearpig was my tank and he was chewing through the mobs one pull after another. Our friends from Detheroc decided they didn't like the tank so they booted him after he dc'd on the last boss. I said "Oh man... you know, guys he wasn't that bad of a tank, really." And the mage went ballistic about how the guy sucked and I'm a dumbass for not realizing it blah blah... ok.

Now, I don't actually give a flying fuck what the heals think about the tank. He wasn't ever dead, the heals weren't ever out of mana and we ripped through the instance from front door to nearly the last boss in like 10 minutes, so it's not like he was taking too long. He reliably held his pulls, made jokes and was really good at his job as far as the melee dps who usually ends up pulling off of her tanks goes. That's it, end of. Mercenary, remember?

So they kicked my ass out of the group on the last boss for having his back because I said he wasn't that bad. I didn't even say anything else. I wasn't "listening" by reading the chat, either... I had to scroll back to make sure they weren't asking me something. No. Just asshats with power because they came in as a group of 3 so they knew they had me.

And what do I say? After spending a whole day being pissed because Puris keeps apologizing for her low dps and asshats in dungeons keep commenting on it... "my fucking dps was double their little guildie anyway, dumb fuckers." How easy is it to pick up the habits you loathe?

Just earlier today I lost it on a warrior tank who went after Puris for not having high enough DPS in a dungeon he was running really badly. I mean, he was EVERYWHERE and ALWAYS in the AOE. He kept pulling mobs clear across the room like he was afraid they might hit him, LOSing his heals and both of the mages in the party, killing my DPS by making me run and chase after my target. With his comments on Puris he made it really clear his main is a mage, so I whispered him that he tanked like a mage, running away from the boss with his skirts in his hands like he was afraid it might hit him and trying to blink when he couldn't stay out of reach. He dropped mid-fight on the boss.

I know, I was totally out of line. I don't care, he needed to hear it. I didn't say it out loud, I mean... jeeze. I have SOME class.

So... 366 iLevel starting from 348 yesterday. DPS hovering near where it needs to be so I must have sorted my balance on my stats and my rotation.

And now I know... it's not just the real world where optimists are "stupid"... because even in WoW I can be kicked for being optimistic.


So I gotta love it or I gotta hate it and maybe this was the truest test of my love for the game afterall.

a guild that I'm squeamish about because maybe they don't quite understand the division necessary for a casual leveling guild that also wants to raid and now the same INSTANT nerdrage over the assholes with power to rub their bungholes all over you without warning.

yup... maybe just maybe it's time to level Erijin who used to be Holle... or maybe it's time to level Jules and change her into a tank to see if I dig it. And maybe it's time to queue for another random and flip them all the bird.

I'd love to invent the first WoW pk... still... and J said it best... "Where is this even a little bit of fun, Ruth? You said you were doing this to have fun."

kill 'em all and if you can't kill 'em all then drop kick stuffed animals around your room and call them Lunchablez.

Julienne, Uldaman is now Allumette, Baelgun

and like an idiot I'm doing the raid preparedness grind again.


a few thoughts...

Underground Connection is a social/leveling guild with some casual raiders who are NOT casual at all. I triggered on a hot spot for myself last night after a whole long day of frustrating grind for gear and iLevel.

I've done this. I'm so good at coming from behind that I frankly have no idea how to go about it any other way. I do it differently than I'm being led to do it here, and it's all still the same grind no matter how it all adds up. Go check Crass, Uldaman for gear and what he's stat stacking... go find a gear optimizer (ask mr robot seems to have replaced some of the others) and search the guild professions tab for who has what that I need. Grind your rotation until you get it and it's getting you where you need to go. Same old same old.

Except I don't want the fucking same old same old. I fucking hated being all about the iLevel and DPS. I fucking hated running with asshats that I wouldn't piss on to put out if they were on fire and I really had to pee. Last night one of the raiders outed himself as just such a person.

Refer to 2 paragraphs ago. I know what I'm doing. I said so. I said, and I quote, "I may need some help on my rotation because I feel like I'm hitting a lot of buttons and some of them aren't going to be necessary." I did not say, "I need your help right now." and I did not say "I need your help." I said, "I may need some help..." I have my own resources, and he may or may not actually feel like helping, it's been a really one-sided relationship with him as guru and me as paeon... and still, he's brilliant, wonderful and so-far also very helpful. I'll go to Crass because I trust him and he's always been an awesome dude. One of the very best at what he does and humble and awesome enough to share it.

So it brings me to the question of why did I bring Allumette over if I don't intend to raid. I do intend to. I may not do it if I can't have the sorts of experiences I need from it. On the face of it a social raiding guild with the ability to be laid back is right up my alley. Folks that take an hour to get ready to raid after scheduling for 11pm our time is NOT my idea of laid back, that's just rude. Not explaining fights? Not my idea of casual raiding.

Casual raiders is in and of itself a misnomer... there's no such thing.

A casual raiding guild means that part of your player base are building your guild level by being casual social players and a small group of more serious players are taking advantage of the guild levels for raiding. That's entirely what it means.

So here I sit with the idea that I should tell the GM that he kinda lost points with me last night by overly qualifying himself before he set the rules down out loud that he'd already told me in text before.

Really... have appropriate gear on for spec, have the iLevel of the raid you're replying for and have all items gemmed and enchanted isn't a hard requirement. It also leaves very little in the way of rule-lawyering. Be prepared or don't show up. Jeebus fucking christ on a cracker... he had to double explain himself to be clear and that's already a bad sign.

I really like this guy and his partner and how well they run this guild. Decadence could have taken a few notes... it worries me that he's so worried about making sure he's clear and no one can exploit him, like maybe it's happened. I've been taken advantage of and I've been in guilds trying to make the balance work. I love this guild. I don't want bad things to happen to it.

"Sometimes I can be an asshole."

Yeah, well I'm always a bitch and if you haven't noticed it's just because you haven't been on the wrong side of my lines yet, that's all.

Set the rules, stand by them. Drop kick the assholes who wont listen. Easy.

lol... kill 'em all and let their gods sort them out... this is World of Warcraft not some after school knitting club.