23 January 2012

the new girls on the block...

Julienne Rift 2012 - Mage - Chlor/Archon

Julienne WoW 2012 - Warrior - Fury

Some quick notes. Two months off is a long time in old lady years. This is an awesome test because I'm having to relearn by setting up all of the UI and all of the preferences from scratch because I have no characters to import from on either server, WoW or Rift. (Well, I could cheat in WoW and reload my addons and then copy from existing, but... heh)

I have learned a real lot already about my learning curve. What I have forgotten is the basic level of playing these games, not the broader picture. I know where my quest objectives are I'm just not real sure how to get there. lol

Ok... so... WoW is still WoW. Cartoony and a little less detailed than it is complete. The players are still idiots and *shrug* it's what it is. This is the McDonalds Playplace of the MMO world. What can you expect? I had forgotten how nice it is to meander about in a known place with everything a little new and challenging. I had also forgotten how many new "cheats" exist for lower characters that didn't exist even when I started playing, hearing about how hard it was in Vanilla WoW... heh. Lots of new ways to get to places I've never been just by hitting up the griffin in Elwynn. Yeah. Goldshire has a griffin master and you get 6 flight points to start. wow... that's WoW.

Rift is still Rift. Less cartoony, more pretty and more detailed than it is complete. The players are still chatty and a little rude, and it's what it is. The elitists ran away to Rift and haven't gone back to the playplace yet. That said... ummm... every one of my servers was marked as Trial Account Only, translation is they're slated for delete. When I started Rift there was more than a page of options for Shards to play on. Then there were almost 3 pages. Now there is less than a full page. I have a bad feeling I'm doing this experiment just in time to say goodbye to Rift and it saddens me because I really enjoyed my time there today.

So... playing a mage in Skyrim is so natural and learning a mage in Rift was so addictive that I am doing it again. Julienne 2012 is a mage and she's already kicking butt. I can thank Belegorad as an example and still... screw you, dude. On my own and without anyone getting growly and crabby with me I'm kicking ass and taking names. Level 8 and I can pwn level 12's with my pj wearin' butt. I could still use his help and oh well... I'll be damned if that's why I'd open the lines of communication right now.

I restarted a human warrior in WoW because that's where I started, with all of the "why aren't you playing a pally?" and "humans are just so LAME" commentary. It was fun, it's a whole new experience from the old one and still layers over some of the same old quests, so it was like a little bit of nostalgia to go with my asskicking. Julienne 2009 died in Fargodeep. A lot. Julienne 2012 waited for the spiders in the next mine and got her butt killed, only once. heh... I guess my warriors just really do die a lot.

So not really much to say in the way of intellectual comparrisons. I'll let that wait. There's the girls. More later.

so the hardcore guys are gonna say I suck...

and maybe I do and maybe I finally found part of what I got burned out on by the other games.

I can manage to be really good at understanding the fights and understanding my own strengths and weaknesses. So much so that I can manage to clear things on medium difficulty in almost no armor that other players complain in the forums about on lesser difficulty in complete "elite" armor sets with amazing enchants etc... and when I bump the difficulty up and start dying a lot I hate the game and walk away and don't come back for a couple days.

Skyrim allows the player to choose between 5 difficulty levels. On the first level I found the game to be too easy even for my first character. On the second level I found it was just challenging enough as a learner that I didn't die much and still had some challenging content at the end of the dungeon/bandit den etc... and on the third level I've found that there are regular run-in's that are actually threatening to my character and that the last fight in the dungeon is a real challenge.

now I know I should up the gear and up the preparedness and continue climbing the difficulty ladder if I ever wanna be able to hold my own in the forums against the asshats and demi-god seeking hardcore players.

and I'm not going to. right now I'm having fun, the challenge is what I enjoy and I still haven't seen even 50% of what the game has to offer. if I get bored I might kick it up a notch, and I might try different combinations of professions and skills. what I'm not going to do is move the difficulty to a place where I spend three hours beating my head against the same challenge praying for luck.

I did that in WoW as a raider/raid leader and I've done it in Rift and I've proven I have the stamina and determination to get where I'm going.

This time I want to prove to myself that those hardcore guys are asshats and I don't have to please them to have fun. If they need to know that they have the best of the best of stuffs in a single player game for the bragging rights, then let them. I'd like to see those guys beat some of the content I've beat, even at my difficulty level in the gear and with the au natural enchants etc. that my characters regularly do.

The best thing about Skyrim is that it's an individual experience and I'm not going to ruin it with aspirations of being like those guys.

Because I really really don't like or respect those guys.

Above is my newest character. Well, yeah, newest. Erijn is not a nice gal. She does what she chooses and mostly that's murder and steal her way across Skyrim. She'd be doing it across all of Tamriel if Bethesda released us content that married in some of Morrowind and Oblivion, and since Skyrim is all she's got, that's where she's at. I did it to see if I can learn anything for my Delia character before she finishes the game as my primary thief. I also did it to see if I can ever manage to actually backstab a mob without them turning around at the last second and catching me.

Erijn is sneaky with all the right perks to kill everything with a bow and daggers, she's a member of both the Dark Brotherhood and of the Thieves' Guild and I'm trying to balance the quests to bring her along so that she finishes DB just ahead of Nightengale content. She has never been on the "first dungeon" quest, nor has she ever spoken to the Jarl of Whiterun. She has nothing to do with being a Dragonborn and I like it that way. The game is wholly different without dragons. It's like the designers knew we'd try it and so they've loaded all manner of OMGWTF there's 3 trolls here and if I back up I'm in a Thalmor procession? heh... yeah, they didn't let us take it easy, just gave us something else to kill. Personally I find I prefer killing dragons to trolls. Those suckers can one shot you and Dragons mostly can't unless you have to melee fight.

I remade Ysil and she's waiting for a destiny. She used to be my "test" mage. The mage to prove that pure mages don't needs no weapons or hardcore gears. I didn't like her as a weapon to prove the asshats on the forums are complaining shits with no ability. Maybe she'll end up being my dead is dead character. I don't know. Ysil is there and waiting when I decide.

I still have Jules who needs to clear every dungeon and find every dragonwall in the game.

I still have Delia who is rebuilding the thieves guild before she heads off to start filling her map with every explorable location in the game.

I still have Ioan who has to beat the game, work on being a plate wearing mage and teach me better how to employ my cloaks and remember to use my wards in one hand and spells or weapons in the other.

And I have a 2h weapon wielding light armor warrior who has never used magic, Kierjan and a sneaky little mage who likes to lift things and pretends she is just a Nord with no special abilities, Ilijan.

So I have plenty to do.

And I have All My Jules', a new blog where I'll be posting experiences from WoW and Rift as I level a brand new Julienne in each... to see if I can fall in love with them again as single player games or if it's just time to end the subscriptions, send the sad and true letters in email and move on. I know I'll be missed. But only from activity lists because I haven't been there in so long no one knows my name. I find that actually to be a good thing.

Sad and true.

Peace and if not peaceful then kill 'em all and let their gods sort them out... what do you think this is? The real world?

22 January 2012

hesitate to cheat and you're a liar... zomg...


I forget what forums are for in Ruth's world and then I end up dickbent and frustrated with idiots who can't help that they're stubborn and frustrating for anyone with more than 10 braincells.

long story short, guy needs the code for the chest at the foot of the bed in a house that's "haunted" in skyrim. it's not really haunted, and it has enough glitches and problems that it might as well be.

so I posted that I'm distrustful of the codes after trying to clean up my haunted hjerim and ended up reloading after accidentally deleting walls and floors and stuff and his response was to assert that I must not really have it if I'm not willing to go into my game and get him the console code for a chest at the foot of his bed that should be there and isn't...

the code for the chest at the end of the bed is 000df5ac and player.moveto will teleport you to the spot where it should be as a "check"

**if I found the right one and that's not the damned floor or bed or carpet... the risk is on you


above is a contrast of the hjerim I fell in love with (owned by Kierijan) and the haunted hjerim (owned by ilijan) that taught me to be more careful.

hjerim is a house in windhelm in skyrim... it is really glitchy because it represents more than two intersecting possibilities in different quest chains... sometimes there really can just be so many possibilities that you can't foresee them all. this home is a fantastic example of it.

sometimes you get it haunted and sometimes you get it just perfectly secsy.

troubleshooting the best house in the game:

Complete the full chain of Blood on the Ice(Imperial) you must have completely finished the civil war chain(Stormcloak) you must have completed Battle for Whiterun

speak to Jorlief to buy the house
(NOTE: the price is still glitched, he'll take 8,000 if it's all you have on you or he'll charge the listed price of 12,000 if you have that much gold on you)tell Jorlief you want the house cleaned
GO CHECK THE HOUSE BEFORE YOU CONTINUEcheck all floors all places where proof of Blood on the Ice might not have been removed
ALL GOOD? save your game
NOT GOOD? reload and try again
once you're at the ALL GOOD place then decorate your home by returning to Jorlief

(I'll be honest, I checked between each room and found that things that had gone came back and I had to reload again... just an FYI)

still lovin' skyrims, even when people in the forums make me scream... still hating' blogspot and the fact that it's glitchy as fuck and generally trying to get my crap together for worksearch, fun and still housecleaning... *gack*

hope this helps if you find it and doesn't come up at all if you don't care.

peace and if not peaceful then kill 'em all and let their gods sort 'em out.